Rimmel London- Apocalips, Kate Moss Lipsticks

My lil sister’s back from London,
and as a super awesome sister, she obviously brought home some gifts!

Well if you were a beauty junkie like me you’d prolly heard of these. They are currently hyped by heaps of beauty bloggers for the awesome formulation and also the pigmentation of the product. I just wished they’d bring them here to Malaysia!

The kate moss lipsticks were crazily hyped. I don’t know the exact names to them because they only had numbers so
Left to right: 22,20, 107,110

and here’s the swatches

upon swatching I already knew I was gonna like the lipstick. The only thing that was slighly bothering me was the fake perfume smell that I didn’t quite like but I can easily get over that for the formulation of the lipsticks! They were so creamy and the colors were really pigmented! The only color that left me a little disappointed was 22 because it was slighly of a sheeer finish than a opaque finish which I’m not usually a big fan of.  No dramas still tho! I would have to say that 107 is my absolute fav! It’s this dark maroon color that I just fell in love at first sight! 20 is my 2nd fav!

Here’s how they look on my lips




Alright then so on to the Apocalips lip Lacquer. I heard so much about them I told my sister that she had to get me these or I’d be super devastated. I was kinda expecting a gloss but when I got them it was actually a lip lacquer than a gloss. Works like a lipstick but applies on like a lip gloss,  no fuss no dramas. The applicator is a little getting use to but once you get the hang of it you’ll understand the hype about these products immediately. They apply on so smoothly and the colors are crazily pigmented. You only need to apply it once to get the exact same color !

Here are the swatches. To be honest I didn’t think I’d like celestial as much because it was such a natural color but man was I wrong. The color turns out to be one of the most pretty natural lip color I could hope for, I would say the exact color would be a pale purple color.


Celestial(see I told you right? It’s sooo pretty!)

So ok, I put the lip lacquers to the test, see how’d it work after a good days of walking around and eating.
So this is my lips look after lunch(I had rice porridge and also tea tarik for lunch) and even without reapplication you could still see the colors on the lips. Impressed=)

Now I really wished I had all the colors from the collection ahhH!
And to end today’s post as per usual,

So late for dinner! Enjoy the rest of the day guys!

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