Roman Holiday

ah what,
Midweek updates are often the laziest and shortest I feel.
Tried something a little different than my normal makeup routine today, was quite happy with the results.
Of course my skin isn’t as perfect and flawless in the picture, the photo was taken using the NX1000 in the beauty shot and the photos require no more touchup which I thought was super awesome.

The only thing I did different this time round was the way I flicked my eyeliner and also changed the lipstick to something that usually isn’t my first pick.
NARS: Roman Holiday
Nars: Turkish Delight

Watcha reckon of the makeup?

Anyways just to end the post. As usual another OOTD=)

I guess when it comes to days I don’t go out much, these are just the clothes and dresses I wear that are just casual and comfy. Always adds a little life to the outfit when paired with a little more accessories

On a complete side note, can you spot the freaking mosquito? I can’t believe it bit me=(

So yeah, that’s about it for today. Do apologize for the short post because I am quite short on time and hey we gotta save some energy for tomorrow because after tomorrow it’s FRIDAY=D

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