Neon neon

Well, I’m currently in the midst of revamping my blog, so if you did visit my blog in the past few hours I’d have to apologize for the crazy change of appearance of my blog!

Unfortunately I can only do so much at one time so I’ll have to make subtle change for ever second I’ve got to spare for my blog

Bright side, well at least my food poisoning hasn’t seem to be affecting me in the past few hours which is good because I am really looking for a good movie tonight!
Fancy a choc while reading?

Anyways I’ve been spending alot of time on bloglovin recently because whenever the gang goes to the cyber cafe to play counterstrike, I’d join them but I’d usually pass when it comes playing the game. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the game, infact I quite love it, it’s just that my body reacts so badly with it usually after a game or 2 I’ll end up throwing my guts out =.=
So anyways yes back to bloglovin, thanks to the website I’ve found like multiple blogs that I’ve been stalking very much just because I am absolutely in love with their blogs! No surprises most the blogs I check out are either fashion/beauty related but hey, gotta work hard for inspiration right?
Stalked so much so I couldn’t resist the temptation and gave in an purchased myself a Konad stamp tool for my nails. Yes I know this has been around for ages, I’ve seen it around for ages but I’ve just completely thought that you know what, I Don’t need it. So after years and years of denying the fact that this is an awesome tool, I ran out to purchased myself a set yesterday =.=

So my first attempt on the naail art. Seems pretty easy ey!

Absolutely loving the floral prints.

The good side about these items are that the nail polishes and the iron plates are at a reasonable price. RM13 for a metal plate and Rm18 for a nail polish(they need the special ones to work).To be completely honest I don’t know whether the price is a good thing for me because I can already see myself making impulsive purchases on them very soon =.=

And to end the blogpost for a Tuesday
Let’s go neon this time round shall we?
No photos of my face because I’ve been feeling rather ill the whole day from my tummyache and I just seriously cannot be bothered putting on makeup just yet.

Top: H and M
Necklace: Diva
Clutch and bracelet: ForeverNew
Heels: Christy Ng

Now what are you plans for tonight?

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