What a steal!

So nearly done with my blog, I know it’s not much of a WHOAAA change but hey, I liked my previous template just thought this might look a little nicer=)

Anyways, I do apologize skipping yesterdays post, was really running around like a headless chicken on fire for the past few days to be frank.
I did manage to catch Oblivion despite my crazy headache I was having that night, though I’m not so sure about how I felt towards the movie, I felt that the story line was rather weak. A little joke, I’m really quite ignorant when it comes to the movie stars and hollywood scene so even with all the oblivion posters and pictures of Tom Cruise around, I still honestly had no idea how he looks like(also given that I have a memory of a goldfish). I remember halfway through the movie I leaned towards Aris and asked

: So.. urm, which one’s Tom Cruise.

Of course that didn’t end too well.

So today I managed to sneak into this shop in Tropicana City Mall call “Mirrocles” (I think that’s how you spell it), KM was the one who pretty much recommended the shop because they have really decent pricing for their clothings. Managed to get 2 shorts, a scarf for just slightly under RM80. Great bargain don’t you think?

Speaking of good bargain, I managed to find some Color Tattoo by Maybelline
Couldn’t resist these 3 colors in store and thought you know what, might as well give it a try. I do really like cream eyeshadow anyways. There’s always something about the creamy formulation that gives the makeup a much more polished look. They last much longer too and if you apply them properly they don’t seem to smudge as easy as powder eyeshadow
So I purchased 3 colors
Bold Gold, Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze

I swatched it on my hands when I was in the drugstore and man was I impressed! Upon drying these don’t crease or smudge and the best thing is that even when you have your hand trying to rub against the color, the color doesn’t even transfer like how eyeshadow powder would! You would have to apply a few coats to get the color as what it looks like in the bottle but I’m def not complaining!
I probably wouldn’t use this as a eyeshadow color alone but will most likely to use this as a eyeshadow base because the colors are not as pigmented as expected but you know for a price of RM19.90, it’s really quite an amazing product!

Here are the swatches,
Would say that the Tough as Taupe is def my fav color!

Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts?
OOTD to end the post as usual!

Just incase you are wondering, I got the balloons from one of the events I’ve attended just yesterday. I just absolutely love the color of thee stars and just having them in my room seems to just put a smile on my face everytime I see it!

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