Pet Peeves.

The things that annoys me

OK before you get all annoyed and think I’m actually writing a post about you, don’t, reason? well because I’m not!
This is actually a very personal post and I’ve been debating whether I wanted to have it up because I know it’s gonna offend some people but you know what, if you are offended I do apologize but seriously don’t take it too personally.I’m in no way saying that you are doing something wrong and you should change, it’s just, ah whats that word?
Pet Peeves,that’s right!(mind you, I do things that absolutely drives Nate up the wall),

Just like how the sound of fingernails scratching against the paper would annoy a certain group of people, these few particular things upsets me too.

– When people compare themselves to another person and say oh I need to lose weight when they are already freaking stick thin(Yes I know I used to be that person, I know because my friends got annoyed at me for constantly obsessing about my weight they told me off, and now that I’m on their side I really understand why they feel irritated). If you honestly think you need to lose weight, then bloody work for it. Complaining about your weight isn’t really gonna help you achieve your goal.

– When people use the word “FML” online/ or in phone msges. Seriously? I really think that the fact that you can go online and complain and use the word “FML” is already a blessing enough. I’ll never understand why people do that.

messages. Nuff said.

Ok, again I am not writing this directing to hurt a particular person, it’s just a general thing that people do that annoys me. Again it might be completely acceptable to you but there are things that I’m sure will annoy you till no end but I’m perfectly fine with.

What about you? What are the things that people do, that drives you up the wall?

OK done ranting

Sundress: FCUK
Bangles: Diva
Flats: Christy Ng

Have a great weekend guys!

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