Tee hee, I think I’m just running around like a headless chicken on fire on a Tuesday.
Let’s just quickly go through what happened last Saturday night k
All thanks to Manoah I was able to get invites for me and Nate for the Define party that was happening in Zebra Square that night!
Honestly I wasn’t expecting the invite to be so heavy! It was acrylic but if you take the invite out it makes a super nice photoframe!

Dress code that night was WHITE. This was a slight headache for me as it was that time of month for me so wearing anything white was just waaay too risky, but heck you only get to go to a white party so many times right=p

So Nate managed to find his white worktop(I swear it gets so easy for guys at times!) and we managed to take an instant photo of us that I absolutely loooooooove just before the event started!

So ok, credits first, picture credits to either Karmun or Nelson(the ones without the watermark)because I didn’t bring my camera along that night!
Zebra Square

Ok, so I’ve been to zebra square, but I have never once seen it decorated the way it was decorated that night! Everything in the hall was just white, for a split second when I’ve walked in I’ve had the impression that I’ve walked into the wrong place coz I just couldn’t recognize it at all! Not only they’ve decorated the inside of the hall, they also did have this chillout zone for people to just mingle around without the loud music

ok let’s not stray too far away, here’s Patricia K spinning

and WHOAAA look at those monitors man

So anyways, was really happy that everyone dress up in white, even happier when everyone is in the mood to taking heaps and heaps of photos(or maybe that’s just me=p)

Group photo to start of course=)

You know what they say about guys not really liking being in photos, well I seriously doubt that statement! I mean look at these guys!

Sure looks pretty darn happy to me!

With Nelson and Aris

ok I’ll have to admit something, I was in love with how my hair stayed the same throughout the night(mind you I did use quite a crazy load of hairspray and bobbi pins) Might even do the same look for my wedding photos=p whatcha reckon?

Love you to bits and pieces, though of course I’d rather you be in one piece

and with the very very pretty Jyuri! So happy I’ve actually gotten to know her a little more because she’s such a gem!

ok, fav photo alert(because it has my faaav people) haha!

and couldn’t resist not putting this one up! I know none of us are looking at the camera(think we were all focusing on Karmuns camera when Nelson capture this shot) but I LOVE IT!

and more photos=p

ok la at this point I was really really tipsy, so much so to the point I had no idea who I got the glasses from =.=

or when this photo was taken. Oh we manage to meet Chris there that night, rare visitor I tell you

Actually I might just end up the post just here because everything else that night seems to be quite fuzzy apart from the fact that we had a very good supper after that night.

Now everyday I wake up I see this, it’s sitted right on my bedside table and I just cannot tell you how much it puts a smile on my face everyday when I wake up.

Anyways, since I’m not doing an OOTD for this post(since I’ve already got my outfit shown at the beginning of the post, I figured I’d do something a little different this time.
Here’s a quick tutorial on how I’ve achieved to pin my hair up that night despite it being just barely shoulder length!

Do leave a comment if you have any other question!

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