Why you are looking mighty cute there

Just one of those days where the time stealer just happens to steal my Wednesday today, that and my mood to dress up(yes it’s possible!)

So since inspiration isn’t really kicking in today, thought I might just do a photolog for today.
DIY Nails I did last night, just couldn’t resist the temptation of the Konad stamps!

and of course my all time fav nail polish- Rainbow Connection by OPI

I actually really like the way these photos turned out, thought the post processing this time round gave it more of a dreamy effect
If you are wondering this is the color I’m currently wearing(refer to the 1st picture). Provocation by Chanel

Anyways, let me introduce you my new cuddly friend.
His name is Pan mee, and when he’s in the mood, he becomes chilli pan mee(coz he’s red now, geddit?)

Funny story how I found him. Went shopping with Nate and my eyes were as usual fixed to my phone. Nate commented saying that sometimes he’d rather be the one on the phone than to be beside me because it seems like I’m spending far more time with my phone when I’m out with him.
So ok la I felt bad, I looked up and saw this furry lil thing right infront of me and all I could say was

“I want”
Nate agreed he was pretty cute so we decided to bring him home. Think he secretly thinks it’s better for me to look at my phone now because it seems like whenever I’m not glued to my phone screen, I always end up spending money =.=


Don’t you just love these pair of heels from Nose?

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