Galaxy Camera =D

New toy!
Nate is freaking amazing I tell you, to be honest I think he’s secretly more romantic than I am!Again he surprised me with another gift today, it’s been a product that I’ve had my eyes on for ages but couldn’t bite the bullet to purchase. Of course the reason wasn’t because it wasn’t worth the money, it was simply because I already have a very decent DSLR and I also had my Samsung NX1000 that has yet failed me

Haven’t really sat down and thought about the name for the camera yet, don’t think I’m gonna name it after my meal today considering all I’ve eaten for the day was just instant noodles HAH(ah shush I know I can always call it by it’s product name but it’s just a lil thing I enjoy doing, don’ judge =.=)

In terms of the weight it’s def much lighter and more compact than my NX1000 so that’s a yay, more yay coz it allows me to have a 3G card in it!
Got it at a very decent price too, they gave us 3 battery packs and 1 external charger+ Screen protector+ 3G card+ 8GB memory card.
I’m gonna be experimenting it much more before I write a proper review on this baby

Neways, OOTD
Still feeling very much dull today to be honest, so hence the choice of colors of my outfit.
Spag top(worn inside):MNG
Shorts: Online shop
Heels: Nose

Love how they designed the heels, I know it’s Louboutin inspired because of the red soles but heck I’d prolly won’t be able to afford a pair from them just quite yet.

And if you are wondering how the Galaxy camera photos turned out, here’s a few shots taken on the camera(of course I’ve done my usual post processing  to my own liking)


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