Are you ready?!

I know I don’t usually update on the weekends but I felt kinda bad not updating my blog on Friday so bear wiht me coz this is gonna be my “Friday” post=p
Hope everyone’s weekend is going pretty well. Let’s see what the weekend was like to me this time round ey.
Well I’ll sum it up in photos, considering that we woke up pretty late on both days, maybe that’s why the weekends just pass by so quickly =.= so anyways, let’s do a lil vintage retro photoshop work

Well first off, all thanks to Manoah, me and both Nate managed to attend the fundraising dinner for the unexpected guest. It was def very unexpected alright, a murder plot, crime solving dinner was def enough to get the Sherlock side of me out(though I have to admit I was a lil bit slight off, ok fine, very off from guessing who the murderer was). Still good fun though!

Headed out for our usual meals, met up with a few of some really long time no see friends

and perhaps the only thing that was making me look forward to the end of the weekend was this.
Manage to catch the lil teaser for the S4 launch. They were going around town the whole of Friday and Saturday to spread the good news of the new phone that’s about to come to towwn!

Honestly, they were really really talented! Loved their voices

and I took this video, not in the HD mode coz I was trying to save space on my camera but if you wanna check out how awesome the zoom function is zoom till approx 1 Min 15 Secs,or approx 30 seconds time remaining(of course please watch the video in HD, just click the HD button before playing)

Can’t wait to fiddle around with the phone! There are alot of freaking awesome features that I can’t wait to try out and just see how well it works! I mean come on, you gotta admit that eye-tracking feature is pretty damn awesome!

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t watched it already

Anyways, OOTD to end the post as usual
Super loving this asymmetrical skirt I bought from Sportsgirl when I was in Australia.
Top:Forever 21
Skirt: Sportsgirl

So goodbye my dear weekend and hello the week to Samsung Galaxy S4!

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