Scrub it.

Weather has been a lil depressing these few days.
I guess in weathers like that all I want to do is grab a cup of good hot choc and tuck myself away in my bed reading a good book. In days like these, I also tend to scrub a little more than usual so I thought why not share some of my fav scrubs right?

Let’s start with body scrubs
My absolute fav scrub
Soap and Glory’s Breakfast Scrub

This has got to be the best smelling scrub I’ve ever used. Reminds me of maple syrup pancakes everytime I open the tub and I’m always having to surpress the urge or eating it =.=. This scrub however is such a great deal, it’s got very thick consistency which means a little of the scrub goes a long long way and the best bit about this scrub is how it leaves your skin so soft and moisturise after

On days I feel like giving less love to the sweet scented products, this is what I reach out for

It’s not as moisturising as the breakfast scrub but it get it’s job done. Def a scrub to recommend if you are not a person who’d like to smell like breakfast after having a shower.

So now on to face scrubs
Soap and Glory Scrub your nose in it

This works as a scrub and also a mask so I had to put this on the list. Whilst it’s not the best scrub that makes you go WOW after using it, the mask feature def makes up to what it lacks.

Aesop’s exfoliant Paste

Very very gentle on the skin but works amazingly well. One of my most reached out to facial scrub. A lil heavy on the price but def worth the investment. I use this on a weekly basis

and the to go scrub
St Ives Apricot scrub

This scrub goes long time back. I remember seeing it in supermarket aisle since young and have always loved this product. Does exactly what it is expected to do without being too harsh on your skin and def one of the most value buy scrub around the market.

Here’s a breakdown to how the scrub looks like if you are interested

I know alot of people who neglect scrubbing their hands! I know coz I used to be one of them until I found this product.
Aesop’s Reverence Aromatique Handwash

Price is a pretty steep for a handwash but this product is to die for. I never knew it was possible to find much happiness and relaxation from a handwash =.= but this handwash def proved me otherwise. I love the scent, always so relaxing(def because of the ingredients used) and it reminds me of those thai bally massage scrubs everytime I wash my hand.

and ok how can we not mention lipscrubs right?
I haven’t really got a lipscrub product I came across that I really really love(Apart from the one from LUSH but they don’t sell it here) so what do you do when there’s nothing you fancy?
DIY of course

I wouldn’t suggest licking it off after (You could but I’m generally not a fan of the taste of olive oil without any other solid food)

So there you go. Hope you’ve enjoyed the post! Do leave a comment if there are any other scrubs you’d recommend!
and as usual my OOTD to end the post
Weather has been quite chilly but I just didn’t wanna put on a full on blazer because it’d look pretty formal so I tucked it into the skirt and made it a top instead
Blazer: Kenaga Warehouse
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: H and M

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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