Happy Thursday!

I have to admit, I’ve been very stuck with what to blog recently.
Perhaps its because we have so much work going on at the moment all my time and energy is to focus solely to my work. I feel guilty tho, mainly coz I feel like I’ve let you guys down! You guys have been such amazing people to be constantly taking your time to reading my blog, and for those who always end up leaving comments, you have no idea just how much you’ve brighten my day doing so!

Anyways, these are the few things that kinda gives me the motivation to wakeup and catch the early morning sunshine eachday.Did I tell you how much I love love love polaroids? I spent so much on the films a few years back but I’ve never really had the chance to really use it yet, still I keep all the photos I took with it because they are just amazingly pretty photos

Picked up a couple of items including a makeup brush just the other day
I have to admit though that Forever 21 makes surprisingly not too bad brushes

Picked these pink ones back in the states and I LOVE them! They have soft bristle and the pastel pink color is to die for.Of course I’m always a little reluctant to use them because I don’t like seeing them get dirty

Speaking of brushes, here are the brushes I use on an everyday basis
Left to right- Brows, eyeliner, eyeliner eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeliner

I guess it’s quite obvious what I use my brushes mostly for hahah!
I’d prolly do a more extensive post about my brushes sometime soon

Current nails
crazily in love with the color. love how it’s so near that maroonish shimmer.

and this is perhaps the other reason to why I’ve been so busy! Less than 3 weeks now!

OOTD to end the post as usual.
Can’t help but to feel like going a lil more casual these days. Looking for just comfortable clothings that just won’t go wrong. I know I’m gonna get slaughtered for saying this but don’t you just love oversized tees?(I secretly love them coz they do make me look heaps slimmer)
Skirt:random shop in BKK
Heels: Steve Madden

One more day till the weekends! Who’s excited!

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