Chat on with me lah!

I remember posting about Chaton a few weeks back, and well I’ve been using it so much I figured hey why not write a blogpost about how or rather why I prefer chatting on ChatOn instead!
All I know is everytime I go out or if I meet people, I’ll always end up telling them to download the application and chat via there if we weren’t gonna be seeing eachother for sometime because its so much more interactive to chat on the application.
I’m not usually very good with words, if anything I absolutely HATE typing on my phone, not because its inconvenient or anything, I’m just downright lazy and this is also one of the reasons why I think ChatOn is far better!

So happens that the app has this amazing feature that allows you to do Walkie Talkie!

typing messages are so boring, they always lack liveliness in them. This is also another reason to why I loveeeeee ChatOn. Instead of telling people how I feel in text, I can express myself in pictures and emoticons. If i can’t find the right one? I’ll just draw them!

Group chatting has also never been as much fun!

I mean you can literally feel the excitement in the messages!
Then comes the options of what we could DL. I hate it when apps charge when I want to dl cute backgrounds or emoticons, I just feel so cheated! Well ChatOn is free, all their emoticons are also free so yaaaay!

As you can tell I’ve already downloaded a good few of them!


And when group convo gets a little too annoying(especially when you are trying to do something on your phone) There’s always an option to turn off pop up notification!

So have you downloaded the app yet? Well if you have add me up at!
No OOTD because I’ve just beeen WAYY too busy to take any photos during the day(that and also it’s been raining heaps so meh)
But I do have a photo of my outfit. Mega loving the dress coz it just feels so casual!)


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