I’m weekend red-dy.

I have a love and hate relationship with midweek holidays.
I love them, obviously because it means it’s a day off work, but I also absolutely hate them because I cannot get anything done unless I don’t mind spending hours and hours in the parking lot trying to find a decent parking space. That, and also the fact that it makes Thursday feels so much like Monday all over again.

Anyways, last weekend was rather eventful. We’ve attended Heineken Ibiza and both Music Conference Asia the same night, no idea how we managed to squeeze everything into the same night but we did(all thanks to Nate who drove us very happily), that and we had Passion for Fashion on Tuesday night.

I’ll start with Heineken Ibiza first
Mainly because I only have one photo and I can’t be bothered posting up all the other videos LOL

ok so we arrived but shortly after the gang decided to head over to Music Conference Asia instead.
To be honest, I’m feeling rather lazy at that point but heck, you are only young once right?
It was def something I tell you, the places was so beautifully decorated( you can check our Karmun’s blog for more details) and well it was also one of the craziest nights I’ve had(well craziest whilst I’m sober, just being the bystander)
Well it had to be crazy enough for the guys to start camwhoring(Aris took this photo -.-)

You can’t blame them though, the place was so full of energy and you just can’t help to be all joyful and happy, and hyper.
These are the 2 photos I took from my Galaxy camera which I absolutely loveeeeeeeee.

So the night ended with supper (no surprises) with a lil drama with cockroaches. Really funny story, maybe next time=)

Managed to catch Iron man on monday, which was a total L.O.V.E no spoilers because I know a fair decent people who has yet to watch the movie but I loveeed it so much I was complaining to Nate how he wasn’t nerdy enough, you can’t blame me though, there’s jus so much to love about the movie!
Then we had Passion for Fashion on Tuesday night. This time around, I could only remember half the night because I’ve had way too much to drink and spent half my Labours day in bed =.=
Photo credits to Jaz

So yeah the midweek holiday def messed up my weekly body routine. So to make things a lil better I’ve decided to treat myself to a very good breakfast today!

and oh I found 2 majorly amazing products over the past week.
Myrrhae body lotion by L’erbolario (RM153)
They’ve got a shop in 1utama(near Candylicious) and in BSC. I’ve always walked past them and just the other day I thought you know why not just give it a shot right? Best decision in my life ever I tell you
This body lotion is by FAR the BEST I’ve tried. It wins even the Laura Mercier body souffle FLAT.
I cannot believe how much I’m missing out on before this! I’ve applied it and it gets absorbs so fast and quick and it leaves your skin mega freaking moisturize immediately. Even my fiance( who can hardly tell the difference) noticed my skin was much MUCH softer after applying the lotion.

I’m an addict to anything shimmery. This particular one has shimmer in it so yeah I guess it pretty much gave me all the reason to purchase it

Honestly, just go into the store and try it, you won’t regret it
The other item that I’ve been loving is this

I know they’ve just hit Malaysia shores but seriously this thing is super amazing of a scrub. It’s a gel like texture which you kinda just rub on your face until you feel like there’s white small lil bits forming on your face. According to the bottle it’s suppose to be your dead skin cell, not so sure how much of a dead skin cell it is but it works. My skin brighten and glows immediately after using and the results are freaking obvious. Only down side is the price of the bottle which is approx RM115 for a bottle like this. I guess they justified it over the results of the scrub tho.

So that’s pretty much it!
OOTD to end the post
Massive bruise on the knees so my options with the long pants.
Necklace: Diva
Pants:Forever 21
Heels: Kiss and Tell

You ready to vote this Sunday? I sure am!

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