(April Favs)Friday, Counting down.

New month means favourite videos!
Well unfortunately I haven’t really had time to sit down and do a fav video so I thought heck why not make it into a post instead right?
I did use quite a few of the products that I absolutely love this month
Quite a fair bit so let’s get started shall we?
I’ll start with lip products

Tendertone by MAC
This has always been an all time fav of mine, it smells amazing, very sheer so the shimmer doesn’t intimidate and it does the job of a lipbalm. Only bad side is that it is limited edition so it’s difficult to get your hands on them, but if you do, I’d say to def give it a shot.

NARS Lip liner. I’ve been ignoring my lipsticks recently, mainly coz I really just can’t be bothered but this works as a on the go color. I mean it’s easy application(it’s a lip pencil) and the color is very natural so you just can’t go wrong with the color.

I’ve been doing 2 things to my eye makeup recently. If I did use any eyeshadow it would be

The Color Tattoo by Maybelline in Bad to the Bronze. Love love love the texture of it and well me being the lazy me loves applying this with my fingers. Def very timesaving!

So I’ve been changing between Gel liners, liquid liners and pencil liner recently

This is my all time fav gel liner,works amazingly well, don’t smudge and last for the whole day. This is my 3rd bottle and I’m def going back for more when I run out of it
Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner by Kiss Me

Amazingly thin and fine brush, easy to apply on for liquid eyeliner idiots like me, what’s there not to like right? Plus it stays on for a good time so def lives up to the liquid eyeliner tagline=D

Cream eyeliner pencil by Majorlica. Surprisingly not as easy to smudge as I thought it would. Mainly coz I’ve had bad experiences with eyeliner pencils in Malaysia but this works pretty well. Will still smudge however but fairly easy to clean up if you ask me. Def better than some of the pencils I know that kinda gives me that panda look that I’m not looking for.
Hair products

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum. My hair is generally quite frizzy but this tames it. I wouldn’t say it’s my absolute fav but it’s def on the fav list of hair serum. I’ve been using this alot because I place this right next to my computer and well, it’s very very easy to reach out to the product.

My all time FAV concealer

Kuma concealer by K-Palette.Kuma means bear or to erase. Japanese brand concealer so naturally I have high hopes for it. I’ve been using this baby since July last year and it has been the ONLY concealer I’ll use.


Bronzer by Kit Cosmetic
As you can tell, I’ve hit pan on this=( Utterly depressed because they don’t have this brand in Malaysia so I just gotta wait till my next trip to OZ to pick it up again.It’s a maatte bronzer, no shimmer nothing too glam but that’s why it’s so good!

And if you’ve read my post yesterday I don’t need anymore introducing to this baby.

It’s not really considered a April fav since I’ve just got this product last week but heck I can already know I’m gonna be using this for a very very long time. I love the texture so much so to the point I look forward to going into the shower because I can’t wait to apply more of the lotion on my skin(weird I know)

And off to non beauty products

Eye relaxing mask by Thai Odyssey.
I don’t know whether it’s the fact that I’ve been sleeping early or whether this thing really works but my eyebags have reduce a significant amount for the past few days. Love the smell of it and love the fact that I can heat this up before applying it to relax and unwind before I go to bed.

Maggi Mee Goreng

Lol, if you know me well enough, you’d know I spend most my time at home eating this during lunch hour for the past month. I know I know it’s not healthy but I just can’t help it! It’s easy, quick and super yum if you add eggs and sambal to it! I ought to cut down my maggi mee intake tho

and of course my new baby camera=D

Anyways, OOTD to end the post
Love the dress, I’ve worn it once before so I thought I’d add a top to make it less “dressy”

Do have to apologize if the post sounds a lil dull, just with the current political war that’s going on ,it’s hard not to feel a lil depress to what people would to just to win.
Well Sunday’s the day, are you guys ready?

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