MAC Baking Beauties

So ever since I bought my Maybelline Color Tattoo, I’ve been a little more addicted to cream eyeshadow. I have to say it is def alot nicer in texture and it doesn’t take much effort to apply it. I love the fact that I don’t really need a brush since using my fingers for application seems to do the job pretty well for me.

I drop by MAC cosmetic yesterday and found that they’ve recently launched a new collection call Baking Beauties.They had about 6 new cream shadows and I’m rather proud of myself coz I only ended up buying half the eyeshadow collection!
I purchased 3 of the colors I thought was rather friendly for daily use and also decided to give up on the few that had much similarities to the ones I already have by Maybelline color Tattoo.

Formulation Wise I have to say that the ones by MAC are slightly ever more moist? They colors I purchased from MAC are more on the sheer base so unlike the ones from Maybelline, these would need a little more building up to reach a certain level of opacity. Of course with the creamy formulation I don’t think it would be very difficult to build the color up.
So here are the ones I couldn’t resist buying
Let’s Skate

This is actually a very sheer peach color. I love how it has gold specks in it. It just really reminds me of yummy peaches. I know the color isn’t really obvious here but I couldn’t seem to get the color at all in pictures!


As titled, it does really look like a typical mooncake color. For those who don’t know what mooncakes are, it’s something we eat during midautumn to celebrate(well different stories and different versions) but the main one is to about the Ming revolution which you can find more information on wiki. To be honest, the thing didn’t look that pretty in bottle but upon swatching it gives you this beautiful brown bronze color that is to die for. Super natural so def recommended if you are after a very natural look shadow color.

Dangerous Curvee

Of course, I couldn’t forget a dark color right! Dangerous Cuvee is almost a grey metal silver. Thought it’d go really nice and well with my bad to the bronze shadow I got from Maybelline! this color would be perfect if i wanted to create a smokey eye effect.

Anyways heres the swatches on paper

I know the photo is superly photoshop but its the closest I can get to what you see in real life. I don’t know why but my camera couldn’t seem to capture the real color and it’s just such a pity because it’s such beautiful colors I tell you

Swatches on my hand

Don’t you think they are just such beautiful colors!

OOTD to end the post
Shorts: Forever 21
Heels: Kiss and Tell

Love the colorful top. To be honest I thought about participating in wearing black, but then I figured that it wasn’t all at lost. I was initially very much upset and did change my profile to just a black screen but then thinking back, the feelings I had about the election didn’t change regardless of the results. I felt extremely proud seeing everyone around me spending so much time and effort to wanting to make a difference to the country and to me that’s the biggest win I could have ever ask for. Sure the results was different than what most of us could have hoped for but I think we are all winners because we all stood up for what we wanted in life.

Anyways, here’s a rather horrible picture of myself taken by the fiance. This is what happens when you give him a camera and he’s feeling all like a photographer =.=

So yea, that’s about it for now.
Enjoy the rest of the day!

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