Ring it.

Ok, so you’ve heard them all say about “if you like it then put a ring on it”
I love accessories, even more when they are pretty and sparkly ones.Of course I love wearing rings, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately for me I have extremely skinny fingers which means that most XS rings will still be slightly loose for me to wear.
I did however manage to gather a couple of really pretty rings when I was shopping around the malls over the past year that are of adjustable size.
Here are a few of my favs.
We have the typical big chunky rhinestone rings which are one of my absolute fav. I find them extremely gorgeous and classy.

Then we have the more floral looking ones. I always have a weakness(all thanks to Vicky) for floral print products. Don’t think it needs much explanation.

and of course the more cutesy ones. I’ve never really been much of a huge fan for rings that have cartoon figures on it but I somehow just couldn’t resist these two cute foxes. Look at that cheeky smile!

Not really a ring but an ear cuff but I figured I’d add it in since I don’t really have much other options when it comes to ear cuffs.Love this but haven’t worn it yet because I’m having trouble trying to figure out the proper way to wearing it(silly I know), but it’s still such a pretty item

Dainty rings are always the ones I go for last, infact I only have 2 that fits into the dainty ring category. This is one of it. I found it so unique because of how the heart charm goes through the heart shape hole. Best bit is that this is the 2nd best fitting ring I have at the moment because of it’s adjustable chain.

and perhaps the most important ring for now. My engagement ring. I’ve always loved rose gold, so am I ever so impressed with Nate’s decision. As much as I love big fashion statement rings, I don’t think I’ve felt the same about a ring that I have to wear for the rest of my life. Ive always(surprisngly) lean towards a very simple and clean design ring so yes, Nate has def done a very good job on picking the engagement ring.

neways I’m gonna sidetrack a lil hah, bought this lip balm the other day coz I ran out of my Maybelline baby lips. Upset that they don’t carry the creme de rose lip balm by Dior in Malaysia so opted for this as an alternative. Can’t wait to use it!

And my OOTD to end the post as usual
My mom bought the dress for me from China and I haven’t had the chance to wear it. Finally decided to pull it out of my closet and have never been so much in love with a tube maxi(I generally avoid tube tops). Unlike all the other maxi I’ve worn this actually weighs quite a fair bit so it gave the body a slimmer impression.

Heels from Zu

Stay safe for those who are heading to the stadium tonight guys!

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