Color Tag

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okay now that’s done, I love tags, more when it includes colors! Initially wanted to do a video but then after recording it in the evenings, I figured it’d be much more fun doing it with a color eyeshadow tag

So here we go

I’ve never really been a huge fan of red eyeshadow, I mean applying it wrongly just makes you look like you’ve got vampires as your relatives, which isn’t really the look I’m generally going for. I decided to draw the bottom eyeline instead because it would be less obvious. This is the most I can accept for a red eyeshadow so yeahh.


Not really the color I’d usually reach out for for eyeshadows but it didn’t turn out too bad. The colors actually did brighten up the whole face so I quite like it and might explore more options using these colors.


Def one of my fav eyeshadow color. Love the color, reminds me of mermaids and I love love love how it brings out(in my case my contact lens color)


Need I say more? I don’t have blue eyes, so this is the closest I can get HAHAH


They say the color indigo brings out brown/ greyish eyes and I have to agree. Figured I wanted to keep it quiet so I drew it at my undereyeline to give it a more subtle look

So whatcha reckon?Well I had fun doing this tag and if you’ve had fun reading, perhaps you could leave a comment down below!

Ending the post with OOTD
I hate the weather, it’s been so crazy hot. I hate it even more when you are dress for summer and walk into an air conditioned room, you freeze like no business. So my outfit has been rather simple of recent.
Cardigan:Wheels and Dollsbaby
Necklace: Diva
Dress: Twisted Theory
Heels: Nose

Have a great day guys!

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