Masque it over.

Soo, the ROM prep has been freaking crazy. With the lack of sleep, it has clearly taken a toll on my skin. So to save it I had to do heaps of last minute facemask that really did help. Figured I’d share to help those who are looking for a decent facemask right=)
3-Minute Facial, Super by DR Nicholas Perricone

My absolute last minute skin saviour. Works super amazingly well and it takes only 3 minutes. Def a very nice facial quickie if you are in a rush

And if you aren’t in a rush, you could always opt for these sleeping mask. Slap them all over your face at night before you go to bed and you shall wake up to a super bright and supple skin=)

If you aren’t really in a hurry or well it’s not night time yet and you’d want some facemask action going on, try these.
Aesop’s Primrose Facial Cleasing Masque

This is def more suitable for oilier skin, my skin’s a little of both so I only use this when I have oily skin, which works like a miracle but if not, it does leave my skin a little tight.

and for those sheet facemask fan,

This thing is amazing. I was about to purchase the TT mask and I came across these. They are half the price and I thought hey why not, works really good and it does life your skin as promised=)

and for those everyday mask, these are def my fav. I wouldn’t go pass 3 days without them coz they are easy to apply and def no where near messy which makes application much easier

and for special occasions, this is what I’d reach out for. The Jurlique’s intensive recovery mask. This thing makes you look like those horror lady in the movies where they’d walk out with mud on their skin but heck it works so I would care less about how I’d look.

and these are my mask that I found really useful and that I super love so if you have any other mask you like, def share your thoughts with me=D

And over the weekend I had the most amazing time. I have a brand new phone!!

Can’t wait to do more experiments with it because it’s freaking amaaaazing!

OOTD to end the post.
Let’s go monotone again =)

that’s it guys! Have a great week!

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