Bargain finds.

This is gonna be a very interesting long weekend!
First of all we’ve got our day off today which is freaking amazing, because I can do some shopping for my Penang trip tomorrow. I’m gonna be in Penang for H-Artistry which I’m really really excited about, will be blogging about my trip tomorrow (yes I’m gonna break the no post on the weekend rule once again) and keep you guys all updated with what’s happening in Penang!

Headed over the H and M today for a quick shop. Good bargains I found, got about 7 items for just slightly below RM200 which I thought is a super great deal. Should def check out the stores if you have time over the weekend.
Let’s see what I got shall we?
Got some pretty basic tops that I think is a must for the closet=p The white top was just approx RM20 and the one in strip cost a little more but I just couldn’t resist the colorful stripes!

Got these from the buy 1 get 1 free sale stash and have just tried them on just(I don’t really do clothes fitting in the store because I get really agitated waiting in line) and they are def really worth the price. Love the cutting too so was thinking of wearing the one on the left for H.A tomorrow.

and the very much needed shorts. I’ve been gymming at home so much I thought it’s time to buy some decent gymwear. Wearing long yoga pants has never really been comfy(it’s also quite stuffy) so I’ve thought about wearing shorts, only prob is that the gym wear are usually really expensive and I can never justify buying them so these would be pretty perfect.
In case you are wondering, the 2 from the left are the gym shorts I’m thinking of wearing. The one in neon yellow is just gonna be  my wear out shorts=p

So OOTD today! Thought of going a little highschool today so I opted for the high waisted skirt I bought when I was in OZ. Super love them but they can be quite tricky to wear. The heels, I thought fit in perfectly well with the outfit to give it a more cheeerful feel.

I can never say no to highwaisted skirts, they are more irresistible when they’ve look all old school english uniform looking. Watch is from Bulova, got them when I was on a cruise a few years back.

Heels are from Kiss and Tell. Don’t think I really need to mention them any more since half my collection of heels are from the shop=p

SO that’s just a very quick update on my end but I’m def gonna be back tomorrow to blog! Hopefully we’ll be able to check into our hotel a little earlier so I give you guys a quick hotel tour too!

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