Penang on a Saturday, H-Artistry here we come!

So a quick update on what happened so far on our trip.

I have to admit that I’m really excited for the trip. I mean, I haven’t been invited to fly to a place just to party so this is def my first, all made possible thanks to Hennessy Artistry and also Manoah for the chance! Really appreciate it and I’ve had quite alot of fun since
It was def alot of first for me today. Not only it’s my first time being flown to party, it’s also my first time having ice cream as a breakfast together with the presence of Hennessy drinks served to those who are up for it

Mind you it was only 10AM but it def does sound pretty darn tempting if you ask me
So before the press con started,

I gave in and decided to take a drink=p
Well there will be 3 different group of artists performing tonight at H-Artistry- Andy Murphy, Nicole Chen and also 24 Herbs. All super good looking people and extremely energetic and fun.
Let me introduce you to our emcee for the night.=)

DJ Nicole Chen,

Not only she’s a DJ, she’s also former contestants of various beauty pageants!

and DJ Andy Murphy. His appearance did cause quite alot of ladies to go all gaga, everyone was swooning over his dimples and that really nice smile he’s got. I have to admit he’s rather decent looking, I mean check out his side profile!

and all thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Camera, pictures like these are never too difficult to capture even if you are sitting a good distance away from the DJ.

and now i’m starting to sound like a stalker, so ok let’s go back to the point. DJ Andy Muprhy will be playing his gig tonight at H-Artistry(not his first time tho so it proves how much he enjoys performing for H-Artistry!)

and of course it’s a press conf, you seriously cannot expect me to not have a photo with hiim right=p

and my fav group of the day. 24 Herbs
These people are ridiculously funny. Particularly love their quote “when you have 6-7 guys hanging out together, they become girls”. They’ve got so much energy in them it was hard for me to feel sleepy with them around even with the lack of sleep from the previous night!

SO yes, here’s the group photo. They did say that it’s prolly gonna be one of the biggest H-Artistry event so far(bigger than the one in Sidney and Taiwan)

These people have got game and they are gonna bring it all tonight  so if you aren’t here, you are def missing out! Now who’s going?

OOTD to end the post as per usual
Don’t mind my comfy croc flats, it’s the best I could do when I’m rushing for the flight at wee hours in the morning!

Oh and here’s a some random video snippets of our trip so far! I’ve also included a quick room tour at the end of the video so do check it out!

Do apologize for the quality(especially at the start!), don’t know whether I will be ahving decent internet connection so I tried to keep the file as small as possible
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