H.Artistry party time!

Whoa May’s gotta slow down man, we are already at the end of the month!
As you guys would have known from my previous blogpost, I was very much fortunate enough to be invited by Manoah and Hennessy Artistry to cover the H-Artistry Party in Penang.
The trip in my opinion was amazing, not only we were treated like VIP to be flown to Penang, I managed to stay at the very much luxurious G Hotel for the trip too! We were given chances to meet the artist that were all performing that night and it was just such an amazing experience in general.

So I’ve blogged about the conference(read post below) and now before I go into the hotel review, let’s talk about the event shall we!
Me and Samantha thought heck since we were gonna be staying in the hotel, why not check out the hair salon before the event right? Managed to have a booking at 5.30PM. I however overslept and only did manage to wake up at about 5.20 which gave me approx 15 minutes to get my makeup ready. Fortunately for me these hair dressers were amazingly talented so I kid you not my look was def saved by my makeup that night!
I’m not sure how much a hairdo usually cost but I thought RM29 was a pretty darn good deal for a wash+blowdry.

So that was done, headed down to meet with the rest of the people. Kelly looking as pretty as usual and Ah Bok being Ah Bok=p

Julie managed to catch us on time with the event, yes we were all snacking on nuggets, they always taste mega yums

so yes, let’s not get distracted, took more photos as you usually would at events.I’m mega obsessed with the clutch I bought from Dorothy Perkins.. This thing has 2 different compartments and it’s of such good quality too!

So once photos were done we started walking into the place. To be honest, I kinda already expected it to be quite similar to the previous H-Artistry layout, the only diff this time was that it was far far far bigger and much more things going around the place. For example, this huge big screen behind the bars at the waiting area.

Of course you wouldn’t be able to say no to a drink right=p I know I wouldn’t!

If you are wondering what camera I’m using for the photos, it’s my all trusty Samsung Galaxy Camera. This camera works amazingly well at night events and I’m just so mega blown away by the photos that it manage to take despite the size of the camera!

So we had our drinks, now it’s time to explore around the waiting area. Found this photo booth, girls being girls us just just HAD to take a photo =p

and there were dancers performing all around the waiting area to keep us entertained!

The doors open at 9PM, very much ontime and of course H.A has never failed to make us feel like we were super special! I mean, not only we were invited to the press conf that morning, we also were invited to party along with the performers that night!

Of course I would completely understand people who’d drive up just for the party! It  was def a party not to be missed man.

ok short break from photos, let’s sit down and enjoy our drinks! I’m all for H.A apple(actually I would quite like berry too) but this drink is so yummy it’s relatively dangerous too coz by the time you realise, you’ve already have a little too much to drink HAHAHA

Performance time!

I wasn’t kidding when I said the artist brought their game, i was completely BLOWN AWAY by their performances. 24herbs were my fave. I have to be honest but I’ve never really been a big fan of HK rap songs but after their performances, I’m sold. They brought so much energy to the place I had so much fun during their performances I felt quite sad when they finished performing!

Well then of course the other performances were super amazing too! They also had some special guest!
Hello Dennis Lau!

So performances aside, let’s see what else was going on around the venue. Well we have people enjoying their drinks

and me going a lil crazy with photos =.= ( I don’t know why I had to pose like this)

More photos, well I honestly think the red sunnies were the star for the night HAHA

Ben was around so we made him take more photos of us

Why hello there Ben! Good to see you around ey=p

So I made Ben take a photo of me and the very charming looking Andy Murphy!

Julie manage to catch a photo with him after his spinning. She’s looking mighty happy if you ask me haha

Partying with H.A VIP style has gave me so much opportunities to meet the artist, did manage to catch them around and took a couple of photos which I’m sure I’ll forever appreciate!

So yes, if you asked me, I had a mighty fun time and it’s def all made possible by Hennessy Artistry. We were all transported home safely went to bed with more stories to add to the to-tell list if I ever do have kids!

So yes, one is never enough with H.Artistry so make sure you keep yourself up to date with their parties on their facebook account here!
Hennessy Malaysia-https://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia?fref=ts
Soo see you next party!

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