G Hotel Stay

wokays, gonna be doing a quick review on G Hotel. I loved the hotel I must admit, it was really nicely decorated, all very villa-ish right smack in the city. Anyways, enough talking and let’s start with the pictures shall we?

The lobby has a very nice cafe situated right next to it. Alfresco style, which is my fav coz you get all the nice sunlight

and the best bit about this hotel is right next to the shopping mall!! This means moreee shopping!

Did a bit of walking around the hotel before I head to my room because I knew I prolly would miss the chance and time to walk around so as they say, you either do it now or never right=p

I love their pools! Honestly I was so close to kicking myself for forgetting to bring my swimsuit! Love how it’s not your typical blue swimming pool flooring. Mega mega huge loves!

And if you aren’t up for swimming, why not sit around these beautiful cabana and enjoy the sun!

ok so now to the room!
The room is so comfortable! Nate wasn’t with me for the trip so he is missing out on SOO MUCH! Love the pillows, love the bed, and I super love love love how spacious the room is too!

I”m not kidding, and it’s def not the photo angle=p

Here’s how the closet look like, not that it really matters but I just found it really cool that it’s lifted off the ground.

the washroom was quite spacious too, my toilet didn’t had a bathtub,

but it had a huge huge mirror which I found so useful when doing my makeup!

Here’s the view in the morning, it was low tide and the sea looks so different!

and here’s a BETTER quality of the room tour video. Goodness the previous one in the blogpost was soo bad I was so tempted to take it down but I did manage to include some bits and pieces so I thought I’d leave it there.

Breakfast the next morning was pretty good. I woke up really excited for breakfast(as I usually do, it’s my fav meal of the day, unless you consider brunch). I’m more of a savoury morning breakfast person so waffles and sweet pastry are usually not really my thing. However, they did have a good spread of options ranging from ze western cuisine to eastern breakfast so I was pretty happy with the selection I have for breakfast.

and if you are more of an egg person, which I’m assuming alot of people are since they have a dedicated station just to fry eggs, you could check these out too.

cheng cheng cheng. Nothing’s ever too heavy for breakfast for me. Briyani rice with sambal, yeah why not right!

So that pretty much concludes my stay at the G hotel. Loved it, wouldn’t mind checking it out again if I do drop by Penang anytimme soon. Good service and a very relaxed environment so def a thumbs up for me!

OOTD, gonna be watching Jurrassic Park tonight so I’m pretty excited! Been really into the whole dark brows and dark lipstick look so might just retouch the makeup for tonight’s show! That and prolly throw on a jacket since it’s always freeezing in the cinemas.

Got these pair of shoes from Aldo on a sale. They were nearly 70% off. loved them to bits but never really found an outfit that complimented it =.=.

Love the red, love the zippers and I loveee the metalic bar they have at the tip of the shoes.

Nearly the end of the month now! I’m pretty stoked to do my May favs! Anyone else has done theirs yet?

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