2 Fav things on the S4

It’s ze Friday!
Today I have a slight different of a review. If you don’t know already, I’ve been recently very fortunate to be chosen as a Samsung mobile evangelist! So about 2 weeks ago, we were given our S4 to play around with. The day we got the phone was just a day before my ROM so I was secretly a little more excited about the phone than I am for my ROM.

I’m sure there are alot of people who are interested in the phone review, and let’s be honest, there are so many reviews and official releases about the specs and what the phone can do so I’m just gonna skip those and tell you my personal experience with the phone!

I’m gonna be breaking the review to bits and pieces, only coz there’s so much functions that are packed in this small phone and writing it all would be pretty impossible at this state because I haven’t had a chance to explore and use every single application just yet!
So I’m gonna share with you 2 of the application that are available on the S4 that I majorly, crazily am in love with.

Let’s start with the S Translator.

I love learning new languages, or anything new to be honest. Encyclopaedias are my fav books(don’t judge me) and I’ve always been very very keen to learning a new language and a new culture. Back then when I had to learn Japanese on my own, it wasn’t easy because I had very minimal books(and I was young so I didn’t know much about the internet) but I made it through, with very very slow progress. Now, I’ve been very much keen to picking up a new language- French.

Honestly, this app has been my best friend ever since!

Not only does the app translate, it also does voice recognition!

This means if someone were to speak to you in French, all you have to do is shove your phone right infront of him(not literally of course) and then it will automatically translate it for you(Data charges applies)! How freaking amazing right!

The other is def the camera app! This camera on this phone is freaking amazeballs I tell you!
Picture of my DIY hand bouquet for my ROM.

Clarity of both front and back camera is freaking amazing, and it does heaps of other things that makes taking pictures so much more fun!
I’m gonna start with the panoramic feature(of course this you can find in some other phone cameras but I just really love how the picture turned out on my phone!

Then we have the more fun options, let’s take a look at their drama mode

All you have to do is have one moving object and it will do the rest of the job for  you
Here’s a photo we took while having our lunch after our ROM. Nate was commenting saying that he now have 2 wives =.=

And perhaps the mode I loveeeee best. The animated photos. This is very similar to cinemagraphs. I’m generally freaking obsessed over them because I find them so fascinating.

So what it does is pretty much take a photo, but leaving one part of the photo to be animated
Here’s 2 examples, might take a little time to load so give it a little patience! Photos are suppose to move1
 photo 20130518175647_zpsab804f26.gif
 photo 20130519121349_zps83ec57e3.gif
I’m still laughing out loud at Nate’s expression in that photo!

So yeah that’s pretty much it for Part 1
Will be updating more about the phone soon so stay tuned!
OOTD for today

Something a little more casual since it’s casual Friday after all
Have a great weekend guys!

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