Amber Brown

Brown has always been a good color.
I mean, it does relates to some of the best things in life such as the very obvious Chocolate and well, chocolate ice cream!
Of course are are more items around us that are in the color brown. I know it might seem difficult to think of any at the moment but seriously just look around, the color is often so subtle yet natural you usually tend to forget the presence of it but you can’t deny how important the color is to us.
Let’s put mother nature as an example. If you were to mention the word brown, there’d be heaps of things you’d think of. The woods, the plants, all these are in the very friendly color brown.

Photo credits to google

If you ask me, I believe in color psychology. Colors represent a certain emotion and feeling, just like how the color red grabs attention and shouts danger, brown has it’s own meanings too
Brown is serious, down to earth, also signifying stability, structure and support. This is easy to believe because well, I have a quite alot of things at home/ that I own that are of that color too.

Forget things I own, even heaps of the basic items at home are of the color brown

With our modern tech and what not, most gadgets I see now are either black, white or just other colors. I mean, it’s not really easy to find a brown color gadget if you asked me, especially when it comes to mobile phones. Samsung however, after it’s recent launch of the limited edition wine red Note 2, came out with this beautiful limited edition amber brown for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Personally if you asked me which color I’d love best, it would have to be this one. There’s just something about brown that you just can’t go wrong with. The color is timeless so you never have to worry about it being out of “season” and it’s really really elegant of a color too.
Wished they came out with these colors for the S4 too!
Here’s a video I found on the Note 2 Brown so click click!

Don’t get me wrong I love my S4 but I also know heaps of people(including me who too) who loveees the Note 2. I previously had a Note 2 unit(now it happily belongs to Nate and he absolutely loves the phone) and I still really miss the huge screen and the S Note feature on the phone!
Anyways, the phone in this color is limited edition so if you are thinking of grabbing it, I’d suggest to do it soon because it would be rather difficult to catch it again anytime soon!

No OOTD today to end the post but I thought since we are on the color brown, let’s do a brown eyemakeup tutorial!
Pick your fav brown eyeshadow

SO using your fav brown eyeshadow for your crease

Finish the look with either a olive eyeliner/brown eyeliner to create a softer more natural looking look

Final look, nothing too dramatic so perfect if you are just going to uni or maybe going to work.

and if you are too lazy to read through it here’s the pics in a nutshell

First Monday in the month of JUNE! We are nearly done with the first half of 2013!

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