Leaving on a jetplane!

I would say I’m a relatively fast packer, of course I give it the credits all to the amount of times I’ve had to last minute pack(all thanks to my super amazingly spontaneous parents) and also my super long stay when I was in Perth.
I have yet come to a position where I’ve actually forgotten to pack a particular thing that I need(that I can’t get)so I thought hey why not share it because it might help you guys too if you do ever come across a situation that you might have to pack in a crazy short span of time
I go by a formula for the things in my luggage. The things I use when I wakeup – till I sleep
So it would go by this
1) Morning routine(Ie: Toothbrush+Toothpaste+Cleanser)
2) Contact lens pack
3) Shower items(If needed)
4) Makeup items
5) Clothes I’d wear/shoes if any
6) Makeup remover
7) Charge phone, camera, take off contacts, put on glasses
8) Sleepwear
So these 8 simple steps has ever yet to fail me, and in fact it has helped me tremendously when I need to pack light. I’d pair all my outfit to the ones that’d work well with my crocs.
Since I’m going to bangkok tonight, I thought I’d share with you with how I organize my bag. Of course the items I bring(especially when depending on the places I go to) changes, and since I’m going to Bangkok and I’m already expecting to be shopping heaps, I thought I’d pack light.

Here’s the bag(before and after packing). I always opt for a bag that is expandable. I mean, I am going shopping in Bangkok=p

As you can tell I try and keep ample space for shopping=p.For this trip I’ve actually just brought the clothes I wore, a basic black skirt from Topshop,2 basic tee and just a pair of shorts, and my sleepwear(other clothes are all Nate’s). This way if I were to purchase anything new from Bangkok, I could easily pair it up if I wanted to do so. As you can prolly see from my luggage bags that there are no cables of sort in the pic. This is because I generally pack them to one of the compartments in the bag to avoid it tangling with all my other items). Plastic bags are super important if you want to separate your dirty clothes to the ones you’ve used, and to avoid forgetting them, I always pack my undergarments in plastic bags so I would always have a spare plastic bag if I ever needed one extra. Of course I’d need my tablet as well because it holds all the places info that we are planning to visit this time round, decided to not do shopping over the weekend to avoid the crowd.
Here’s a breakdown to my makeup bag and also my necessity bag
Makeup Items+ Nate’s must have items

Love this bag my brother got me for christmas. Love the color and the size of it because I can fit pretty much everything in the below pic in the bag!

My makeup bag often changes depending on where I go or the activities I’m doing during the trip. Since this time around I am not really gonna be sight seeing, I thought I’d go light on my makeup because well, no one’s really gonna see anyways when I’m crazily shopping for bargains in the mall HAHA.I always opt for makeup remover wipes instead of the cleanser because I found them much easier to use and pack for trips. This would pretty much mean I wouldn’t have to worry about leakages which often happens when I pack proper makeup remover in liquid form. As for my makeup items, I tend to bring cream based items because it would mean I could just use my fingers to apply my makeup throughout the trip! I don’t generally have foundation on so I’d bring along my CC cream for extra coverage if I ever needed to go somewhere a little fancier. Tweezers are super important because you just will never know when you will need it. Hair’s growing a little longer now so it’d be best if I brought a hairtie for JIC situations=p
So that’s for makeup, here’s the things I think one would need in general when on trips.

Best if you pack these items in a waterproof bag because I’m already predicting the items getting rather wet after using it.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of hotel shampoos and conditioners, so I generally like to bring my own. This is why I found sachet samples or tester kit samples really useful because I could just refill them if I ever run out of it. Toothpaste is something I don’t mind using the ones from the hotel so I generally don’t bring them and I thought if they really don’t provide it, I could easily get them from the convenient store anyways. Most items this time round are from the Bag of Love which is perfect for my little Bangkok getaway!

Ok, moving on to hand luggage, here’s how I’d organize my bag.

This is the bag I generally like to bring on trips, the size of the bag is perfect(It can even fit my laptop so it’s extremely convenient). Here’s the breakdown to the items.

First of all I’d had my travel necc(boarding passes and passport) in the neon yellow clutch I got from ForeverNew. I found this super handy because I just fill in the items according to the label without having to worry that I might forget to bring anything important(closer picture of the travel clutch down below). I always keep a spare jacket in my bag, coz they always come super handy when you are on the plane coz it’s always darn cold on the plane.Particularly love this one I got from Wheels and Dollsbaby in Oz because they keep you super warm and they are very light so it’s perfect for me to squash it in my bag.Hmm, let’s see what else, I usually put my glasses together with my sunnies coz then I wouldn’t forget them and I’d bring my red lil bag with me everywhere coz they consist the lipgloss I’d use and other random stuff like pens, my keys and my lipbalm. Oh and I super love the Dior travel size perfume atomiser spray I got, love the packaging and love love love love love that it is refillable! So here’s a closer pic of the travel clutch, as you can tell it’s gt all the labels that I think is brilliant when you have to travel!

So i guess that’s pretty much about it! I’m leaving tonight, but not really late night so I can’t really go in my nightware but I don’t really wanna be too overdress either for a flight! So here’s the OOTD I’ve been wearing and most likely will be wearing to the flight later and I can change to my sleepwear when I arrive in Bangkok since the plane flight is only after only just 2 hours=D
That said tho, I’m def losing the necklace coz they will get rather uncomfy when I’m on the plane=p

Will def be updating when I’m in Bangkok since I’m gonna be bringing my laptop with me so see you guys then! Have a great rest of the day=)

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