Hello from Bangkok!

Still in Bangkok!
So sorry for the hiatus but today is my last day here! To be really honest, I really really like Bangkok(though it’s quite similar to KL) because it’s far safer here! Even my Thai friend says KL is rather insane when it comes to the security and stuff. I still have very limited internet access so I can only do so much to update my blog at the moment=(

However I did manage to update my instagram rather freq on this trip so I’m just gonna share some photos from my Insta update! If you would like to follow me please do so! My username is yukiko_tan =D

Photos aren’t in order but there’s not much photos so do bear with me on this

OOTD, all items purchased in BKK and less than RM35 per piece(yes the clutch too!) Of course the crocs are mine and I’m sure you’d recognize that pair coz it’s the only pair of flats I’d bring with me if I’m leaving the country!

Went to Twinings for Tea and I absolutely love the scones there! Super yums, will be updating more about this once I’m back in KL, but check out the portion of their ice tea man!

Twinings had this lil thing where it’d tell you whether your tea is ready. I thought it’s just brilliant because I often don’t know when actually drink my tea when i make them!

Makeup+OOTD for day 2. Been using eyeshadow a little more while I’m here and I’m mega loving the outcome of it. Cream eyeshadows are the best because they seriously don’t crease and they last forever even with the sorching hot weather here in Bangkok!

So we got a little addicted to scones and decided to have it for one of our breakfast. Lucky for us Central World has nearly almost everything we need, though I have to admit the scones from this particular store was a tad bit disappointing.

Chatuchak Market over the weekends and well given the weather I really couldn’t be bothered to dress up. I did however manage to wear this pretty top I got from Platinum Mall for just about RM15. Love the material coz it’s the silkish sort of material and it’s just brilliant for this weather.

and how’s bangkok shopping without haul pictures right=p
This is Day 1

Day 2 we found this lil store that customizes your name on the bags. I found it super amazing and couldn’t give it a miss though I knew I was risking my luggage space AHHAHA

And I wasn’t the only one shopping on this trip! Nate did his fair share of shopping too! Apart from his normal go-to tees that he wears, he decided to go for some tailor made clothes. Absolutely love the outcome and for the price we are paying it’s freaking worth it!

and yes, we had heaps to eat. We’ve been eating nearly almost 7 meals since we got here, not too sure whether it’d help Nate put on weight because we’ve been walking so much around too to burn off the food that we’ve been taking in.

and last but not least, my makeup haul! Love the fact that they have NARS here, also picked up some Maybelline items that they don’t have in Malaysia yet. Love the Too Cool eyeshadow cream and the Pomegranate punk! Been using it since I got them  and words just cannot describe how much I LOVEEEEEE the colors!

So yes, till then guys! I will be updating real soon again(if not tonight then tomorrow morning) and I really do thank you guys for all the patience you’ve given me!
Have a great Monday=D

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