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So here comes the food post. To be superly honest, me and Nate didn’t really plan where we were gonna eat this trip round, so we kinda winged our way through meals and on some days we were ever so fortunate to have 2 of my friends who were based in Bangkok to bring us around for food. Some of the places were recommended and some were just walked in but these are the few places I’d go back again if I were to visit Bangkok!Of course I’d know everyones has diff preference when it comes to food but I did enjoy all these meals
Quite a fair bit of photos so yeah, wouldn’t suggest reading this on an empty stomach=p
I’ll start with Chatuchak Markets, this is the weekend market and it’s our third time to this market. That said tho, I’ve always have new surprises everytime I visit the place.It’s one of the largest market around the world so it could easily take up more than half a day if you did wanna walk through every single aisle they have!

Super loving the coconut ice cream! This came in perfect with the weather, mind you it wasn’t really just summer weather! With the cars driving pass you and all the food people were cooking, the place feels like an oven so when we saw the ice cream we just had to have it and it was seriously the best thing we’ve had ever!

Nate got rather excited when he saw the prawns, he’s always a seafood lover so seeing all the prawns cooked, got him rather happy!

Streetfood is a must for me, it’s cheap, yums and I’m the sorta person who doesn’t get food poisoning as much so heck, I might as well risk it HAHA

When ordering, we really thought this was a “big” fish, by the size of it, but yeah no that’s a small fish! The big ones could easily feed 4 people!
And of course we couldn’t miss the very much famous Somboon! Infact this restaurant is so popular there are now fake Somboons to con tourist money! I know coz me and Nate went to the wrong restaurant last time around ¬†and it wasn’t a cheap meal=(! This one however was seafood heaven. We ordered crabs, a huge fish and fried rice for less than RM100 fo 3 person!

At one of the highest floor at terminal 21 we’ve had some of the best tomyamkung and thai tea.

Or if you have a little more to spend why not check out Nara at Central World, the food was slightly pricier but def worth every single penny.

and perhaps a little for you sweet tooth out there. This lil treasure Dudy introduced to us was amaaaaaaaazing. Not accessible if you are taking the public transportation but if you did come out from Silom MRT, it’s not too far of a walk, perhaps about 10 minutes but I can guarantee you you’d love the cakes there.

Not far from the much chillax Lumphini park, we were so impressed by the cakes they had!
Honestly, this is one of my fav lemon cheese cake I’ve had(yes I think it tops the one I’ve had in Melb years back)

and Dudy strongly recommended this cake, I seriously can’t remmeber what it was called but it has coffee cream sandwiched between the moist choc cake layers. I’m not a big fan of anything coffee but this, was good stuff.

I was kinda craving for some layer cakes, mainly coz I’ve never really had the chance to visit that oh so famous Nadaje in PJ. Unfortunately for me, both Dudy and Nate picked out such amazing cakes this kinda ranked the last amongst the 3 cakes we’ve had. That said tho it would have easily been my first picked if I werent given a choice to pick the other 2 cakes HAHAH.

So yeah, if you ever do get a chance, def give this place a shot.

and here’s a little short vlog I’ve made containing all the small video snippets I took throughout the trip to end the post. Figured it’s so picture heavy I could do without some OOTD this time round, I did however manage to take a OOTD in this video bt so def check it out!

We are halfway through the week now and thiiiiis close to the weekends!

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