Shopping in Bangkok

Have you seen my hote room tour vid in Bangkok yet? If you haven’t then check this video out!

Anyways straight on to shopping in Bangkok. Bangkok is a great place to shop if you are hoping to find something cheap! Of course with so many shopping malls around town I couldn’t manage to find time to squeeze time to shop at all the places. I’ve picked out a couple of places i’d recommend you to go if you are looking for something if you are on a lower budget to shop. However if you do have the budget and you wouldn’t mind shopping at places that sells really unique items, def check out terminal 21 because some of the stuff there are rather impressive!

Platinum Mall
This to me is like a Sungai Wang Bangkok version, It’s got heaps of shops all squash into 2 malls(platinum 1 and platinum 2) and it’s just thousands of shops selling different items all at once. Best shopping tip here is that if you think the price is reasonable, and that you really like the piece, grab it because once you turn to a different corner it’s rather difficult to find the same shop again! It’s really like a mini maze here. Shops here sell clothes that changes every season. I’ve been to Bangkok thrice and every single time I’ve been there the style changes so much you feel like you’ve just walked into a different shopping mall! It has yet disappoint me till date and to be honest I’m glad I did manage to drop by this time around because it was going along the summer sweet pastel style this season. Love the bright options they’ve got for clothes and skirts. I go by the if it’s RM35 per piece rule, I’d purchase it if I like it.
There are occasions where if you could only speak english, they’d jack up the price coz they know you aren’t local so if you’d like to try your luck, you could ask them “Tao Rai Ka”(for girls) or Tao Rai Kap(for guys) if you understand numbers in Thai. You are however will be risking it because they usually will not answer you just in the prices itself, I did manage to ask them the prices in Thai, unfortunately for me in most occasions they really thought I was Thai and started going on with a bunch of gazillion Thai words that is def not just numbers and needless to say all I could do was manage a Mai Kao Jai as a reply which means I don’t understand in Thai.

So here are some of the items I managed to get from Platinum Mall(just some pictures because if I were to show all of the things I’ve bought this post would really be never ending shopping haul post.
Anyways, I did manage to get a couple of items that I’ve been trying to find around Malaysia for a good price.

This however did come as a surprise, I fell in love with the dress the moment I saw it and I just had to have it. Infact this was my very first purchase!

If you are however not too big of a fan of the very much sweet looking style clothes, there are some really good stuff this season too. I particularly love top in the middle. Was around the RM15 mark and I love how it’s so colorful! The bag you can find from Platinum 2 on the 3/4th floor where they dedicate the wholeeee floor just for bags.

If you are an accessory person, make sure you head to the highest floor as they have most the selection there. I myself got rather dizzy with the blings that was going on on that floor(shocking I know) but there’s this shop that is just next at the entrance from the flyover bridge(go up the escalator) that sells really nice accessories at a really good bargain. These two pretties was only approx RM17!

So say you’ve are not really quite done with shopping but the malls about to close(they close at 6PM), why not check out the lil stalls they’ve got set outside the mall nearly everyday? I know I found some reallly amazing deals, these scarfs were only RM10 per piece and the quality is fantastic. It’s lightweight and sheer, so def perfect for our hot malaysian weather, and the sizing is just perfect to use it as a shawl too.

and if you are from Thursday-Saturday, there’s this particular stall that sells DIY PVC leather goods at a really good price. The best thing? you can have your names on the bags! I just couldnt give the bags a miss.

Of course for a price of RM45(usually RM49 but I did buy a few from them), you can’t really expect it to be real leather. Still good stuff tho
And of course the ever so famous Naraya. I have to admit I never understood the brand, I mean the designs are just ok so I never thought of it being a big deal to go crazy over for. The past few days I’ve been in Bangkok, there’s not one time where the Naraya shop is quiet. It’s always packed flood with foreigners trying to buy the whole shop down. I thought I’d step in once just to give it a chance and well I finally understood why people can be so crazy over it. They do really have some good stuff and for a price of RM12, I managed to get myself a makeup bag that comes with a mirror.

And of course I couldn’t miss the local beautystores. I’m such a beauty addict I made a mental note to make sure I don’t forget to drop by Guardian to pick up some makeup goodies. I have to admit I’m a huge fan of Maybelline lipsticks so when I saw something a little out of the ordinary, I just had to buy it. Makeup in Thailand is generally much more expensive, so if you are hoping for a cheap find, Bangkok isn’t the place to go to.
Matte lipsticks by Maybelline!

I seriously don’t know why they don’t have names for the lipsticks, it’s like calling MAT 1 is gonna be very attractive.

The texture is quite similar to the regular maybelline lipsticks which i like, but the colors is a little less shiny. It’s not exactly matt matt per say coz it still has a slight gloss to it so it makes application super easy for a matt lipstick. Love the pigmentation and love texture.

and oh how can I not get these. I’m already so inlove with the color tattoo that I previously bought in Malaysia, so when I saw colors that weren’t selling in Malaysia, even though they were priced so much more than they are in Malaysia, I just had to get it. No regrets tho because these turn out to be my fav colors of the lot!

I also couldn’t resist purchasing NARS eyeshadow.
My last trip I purchased some vibrant colors from them, so this time round I decided to go for more natural/subtle colors.
Goldfingers by NARS

Cyprus by NARS

Here are the swatches

So I guess that’s it for my shopping trip. OOTD to end the post as usual. Love the pants I got from Bangkok.

Hope you managed to find the blogpost useful for your future shopping trip in Bangkok!
Yay it’s Friday tomorrow!

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