Distraught nail tutorial.

Last week before I left to Bangkok, Alicia msged me a picture of someone’s nails that was done a little different than your typical nail polish manicure. Instead of it all being proper and prim this nails looked like those fancy art stuff you have on your donuts. I thought it looked a still a little proper so i tried recreating the look that wouldn’t just remind you of melted ice cream.
Posted it on insta(if you haven’t follow me already please do so!username at yukiko_tan) and I got a few friends asking for a tutorial so here it is!
First you’ll need a couple of your nail polish color choices. I usually have white as a base because it looks best and have all my other colors to be more of the pastel/light polishes so the colors wouldn’t clash.

Paint your nails, one coat should suffice because you are gonna be painting some other colors on it!

Then here you go, once the base is quite dry, apply your 2nd color choice. Try and leave a small gap of white so you can actually see the base color.

Before it dries, grab something sharp, but not too thin/fine because you would want your slashes to be a little more obvious. I usually go for 3 strokes because I have relatively small fingers. Don’t have to worry about being too neat because it is suppose to look quite messy.

Once thats done, apply your 3rd color choice of nail polish.This time applying a slight lesser than the previous nail polish so you still can see the 2nd nail polish color.

Repeat the process.

once that’s done, apply your last nail polish color. I usually wouldn’t recommend the lightest color as the top as it would look quite bad. Try and have yellow/pinkish color as a middle color.

and repeat the same process and you should be able to get something like this.

It’s def quite diff to your normal manicure but I love it! From far it just looks like you’ve melted a few of a diff flavoured ice cream. I couldn’t stop staring at it while I was in Bangkok just because there’s just something about this less than perfect looking nails.

Anyways, OOTD for the day
Dress and scarf from Bangkok.

Mega in love with the dress, only coz it’s got a slit like how a Cheongsam would usually have at the side of it and ahhh it’s just so so so pretty!

Love everything about the scarf. Love the print and absolutely love how I only paid RM10 for it!

Shoes from Aldo. Got it during a sale and as Ive previously mentioned before, as intimidating as they look, they are perhaps one of the very much comfortable heels I’ve got!

It’s Friday! Haave a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Till then guys

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