Monday updates

I don’t think I can ever stick to eating healthy =.= I’ve recently(ok fine just last Friday) told myself that I should start on my workout. It’s a tad bit since my ROM is over but heck, you can never be too late to start a healthy living right..
I have to admit that eating healthy is prolly more difficult than maintaining a workout regime. I’ve been recently stalking on Blogilates on youtube and she’s freaking cray but her workouts are never more than 15 minutes which is perfect for people who are constantly on the go or can never have enough patience for a proper hour workout.

Another confession, this is gonna be a random post because, that’s how my mind is at the moment.
I purchased a new moisturiser recently, well the only reason why I bought it was because I realised that ALL my other moisturiser has already expired =.= Great job right, proves to you how much I actually dislike using them!
Originally had plans to drop by origins to get their moistuizer but I got distracted halfway by Dr Brandt.

So far I’m loving the texture of the moisturizer, don’t get intimidated by the looks of it. This moisturizer actually finishes off like a powder-ish sorta feel which I really really love. Not too sure whether it’d live up to it’s pores no more name but I’ll let you guys know if it becomes one of my fav items to use

Also while i was on my trip in Bangkok, I was kinda relying on the serum I got from Elizabeth Arden by bag of love. I didn’t like the scent as much but I did really enjoy it’s effects on my skin. So much so I went out to purchase a full size of the item. That said tho, the one I purchased(Though I’m not sure whether its the same one I used) doesn’t have the peanut oil smell which I didn’t enjoy as much from the trial set. Works the same tho so I’m not complaining.

Anyways, I need some suggestions. I’ve been doing a few vlogs but I’m not too sure whether I should have them posted up. It’s nothing fancy tho, just random things and things that I go tru on a very day basis. Thoughts?
OOTD to end the post as per usual. Got the top from Warehouse on a sale before I left to Thai. Heels from Aldo. Been super loving having my hair up coz the weather has been crazy recently=)

Oh and a picture I thought should melt your heart(coz it did to mine) Introducing to you my much precious niece=)

I just can’t handle her cuteness!

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