Tips for your bangkok trip!

Alright, just some random other tips about my Bangkok Trip. Sorry it took so long, just kinda had to break it ot pieces because I was running all over the place and didn’t really had much time to actually sit down and write a proper post. These are the places I went to that deserves mentioning, but due to personal reasons I didn’t manage to grab alot of photos of the place so I couldn’t make it a blogpost by itself.

First of-getting around places

If you are like Nate, who doesn’t mind taking the train, you could always grab a day pass on the BTS stations and head around Bangkok with these babies

They def come cheaper than buying single passes and they are extremly convenient and punctual. Bangkok traffic is rather insane so these are def a smarter way of travelling. If you are going to places such as the Chatuchak market/terminal 21, I would highly recommend taking the BTS because they stop really close to both places.

If you are however like me, a little less lazy to walk to the BTS and traffic at the moment seems less crazy, you can also opt to take the cab. Cabs here are a little trickier, you will have to make sure they go by the meter(because if not you will be paying quite a crazy amount for a short distance) but it does come in handy if the weather is crazily hot or if you’ve got heaps to carry around..

DO NOT, do not opt for the Tuk Tuks unless you have NEVER been on one or if you just REALLY REALLY want to go on one. They usually are flipping expensive because they can charge however much they want. So if you just want to go around places, Tuk Tuks aren’t the way to go.

Second- Internet connection
Lets face it, if you are reading this post of mine, you are likely like me, an internet junkie. Fret not though, you can get just prepaid sim cards from any convenient stores(I bought the prepaid card from their local telco-Happy) and they probably cost about 49 baht initially and you get free internet data for the first day(super convenient if you are relying on the internet to get about places).Once that expires, just head over and get a reload to continue having daily internet!

Jatujak Market(also known as Chatuchak Market)
Chatuchak markets only open on the weekends, and thus, it’s often crowded with heaps and heaps of tourist! If you are thinking of getting some unique pieces, I would def suggest dropping by because it sells nearly everything! There are even stalls that sells cute puppies!!!! I really wanted to bring one home but they told me I’d have difficulty with the customs T.T

Here are some tips when you are at Chatuchak! Because the place is ridiculously warm and crowded, there’s only so much one can take when you are walking around the place. I can never last more than 3 hours at the markets and usually when I’m done with the markets I feel like al my energy for the day has been sucked out away from me. So to avoid that from happening or to prolong your stay at the market, here’s some tips

  1. Stay hydrated, if you feel thirsty, buy something to drink! You will find stalls that sells drinks/food nearly everywhere around the market so if you need them, don’t stinge because the weather will get to you more than you expect it would. With cars and the heat of the food(people are cooking and frying everywhere), it’s easy to underestimate the heat.
  2. Make sure you know where or what you want to purchase before you head to the place. By this I mean you know which type of stuff you are after, whether it’s clothes, pet food or even just household appliances. The market is huge, and they’ve got different categories for diff stuff. Sections 5 and 6 are mostly for clothes, so if that’s what you are after, head straight to the section once you arrive. Do drop by Section 4 too for items because they have more local designer stuff along with some really unique pieces. Prices however are slightly higher than the rest of teh other sections.
  3. Cash, stores don’t generally take cards, so prepare cash.
  4.  Go early, if you go during noon time, it’s less likely you find the place enjoyable. I usually go around 10.00am, go too early and the stores might not be open just yet.
  5. Ice cream/coconut lovers you’ve got to try their coconut ice cream!

Other little things
Try something new!

I found this particularly yummy juice drink at the Chit Lom BTS Station(though I’m sure you’d be able to find them at most BTS station. I myself am usually quite immune to food poisoning and I love having fruit juices so these lil things were such win to me. Particularly love the one with the passion fruit

Nate however didn’t seem to enjoy passionfruit as much(I tell you this guy hates nearly all the best things in banana no mangoes..seriously =.=)

I love milktea, and lucky for me it seems like its quite a very popular item in Thai too! Thai tea taste like super sweet milk tea but I ain’t complaining because I really like them. If you aren’t a person that particularly loves sweet drinks, stay away. Bought these 2 milk from Terminal 21(yes I enjoy drinking milk, but I also couldn’t decide whether to pass on the milk tea, ended up buying both, as one would usually do.)

If you are up for a walk, def check out Suan Lum. I found it such a relaxing place for walks. Down side for this place is that you can’t really get there by BTS. You will have to stop at Si Lom MRT 1 to be able to get to the park. You could alternatively take the cab, the full name of the park is Lumpini but locals just call it Suan Lum because Suam/Swn สวน means park in Thai.

Usually by the end of the night me and Nate would be dead tired from all the walking so our initial plans to walking around the clubs/bars/pubs went completely poof when the clock reaches 8PM. We however did manage to drag ourselves to one of the bars Dudy introduced(well we actually went coz I wanted to spend more time with Dudy otherwise we’d be home asleep by then)!
Decided to check out Siam@Siam

Drinks are relatively decent pricing, I got a chocolate martini for about less than RM25 and Dudy said it was an average price for cocktails in Bangkok(of course unless you decide to go to some really really fancy places for drinks)

I guess that’s about it for my short trip in Bangkok! Do drop me an email if you do have any other questions(you can find my email on the right side blog on my profile)
OOTD to end the post

Happy Tuesday peeps!

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