Foundation favs

Foundations are undeniably one of the most important step in one’s makeup routine. A good foundation not only helps you cover your flaws but it also helps you to even out your skintone. Finding the right foundation however is never a easy task.
For example, if you have dry skin, you’d wanna stay away from anything with a finish that will, instead of helping you cover your flaws, puts more attention to it.
My skin changes depending the location I’m at but most the time I’m a dry-combination skin. I don’t generally purchase foundation and my foundation collection is without a doubt the smallest collection of my makeup collection. I do occasionally use foundation and when I do, I always go back to the ones I enjoy using.
Here are some of my fav foundations.
If I’m having a good skin day and I can pass of with just either moisturizer, but still am in the mood for a foundation,
these are what I’d use

This is one of my lightest coverage foundation. Fair enough it’s just a foundation primer but on good skin days there’s really not much I’d worry too much so anything that just evens out the skintone would do. I usually mix this with a slight of my other foundation if I’m in the mood for a heavier coverage and it works just nicely on my skin.

This is also another fav of mine. Extremly easy to build, depending on my skin days. Don’t underestimate the amount of this foundation because you just need the most little amount and mix it with your fav moisturizer and it will be your best foundation, if you need extra coverage at certain spots, just use it like how you’d use a concealer on those spots without mixing it.

On other occasions where I feel like I just need a normal foundation, these are what I reach out for.
Chanel Aqualumiere

This has to be my holy grail foundation. Ever since I started using it, I’ve never really thought of there’d be a possible foundation that will work better on my skin than this. It’s extremely lightweight but gives a good-medium coverage which last for a really really long time! Love how it feels on the skin and there’s really nothing but the pricetag to not love about this product.

On other days where I feel like I can just getaway with a quick foundation, this is my other foundation option

I have to admit that it’s not one of my fav and if given a choice I’d always go back to my chanel foundation but this works, so I don’t mind using it when I have to.

And saving the last foundation for really really bad skindays.

Lunasol Liquid foundation
this has got to be the heaviest coverage foundation I have out of all my collection, it also happens to finish matte so if you are going for a matte finish look, this is one I’d recommend. Though that said I wouldn’t recommend this to you if you already have rather dry skin. The foundation has such great coverage just a pump would suffice your face application on most basis. I hardly use this because I usually like that much more dewy look but this foundation is def a must for the JIC bad skin days.

What are your fav foundation? Leave a comment and I’ll give them a shot since I’m already running out of my Chanel one!
OOTD to end the post

Don’t mind the background, it’s a combination of haze+rain. I haven’t seen the sky as murky as it is now and I really hope the haze will go away soon because it’s really not fun having to wake up to barely being able to see the sky each day.
Drink more water guys and stay healthy=)

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