I always have had a weakness to anything with pretty packaging.Perfumes are one of those really deadly thing I try and stay away from. Not only they smell really good, they often come with the cutest packaging one(well me) cannot resist. Over the past years I’ve collected a decent collection of them(not alot but I suppose it would last me a good time). I’m personally a fan of anything that is a classic perfumey scent(hint Chanel’s classic) but those usually cost a bomb, so instead I go for the more sweeter scented perfumes. Most the time the ones that are quite affordable are the ones that are from the celebrity lines(which I don’t hate but def not my first preference in most cases)
Victoria Secret has also recently been another fav shop of mine when it comes to buying perfumes. They have the most cutest most amazingly cute packaging that one(well me again obviously) just cannot resist, not to mention the fragrances they have smell super good too.

So enough talking, here’s my lil collection of perfumes=)

So these are the ones by VS. Honestly, just look at the packaging of Noir Tease, I absolutely love how they have that lil pink pump that you have to press when you want it being spritz all over your body. It’s so vintage and so sexy! Well I’ve def been leaning alot towards anything that shouts VINTAGE so I guess these lil packaging would buy me over anytime..anytime.. The one on the left however isnt’ really that great of a packaging but it smells amazing.Don’t judge it by the amount I have left in the bottle, this perfume happens to be one of my recently purchased perfumes.

So on to the more serious type of perfume I guess… The Chanel has always been my fav, I absolutely love mademoiselle and I was pretty upset when I finished my eu de toilette(as you can see on the right) but it was such a great perfume I refused to chuck the bottle away, hopefully I’ll be able to find some use to it sometime soon. Often with perfumes like this I like purchasing the parfum version, they last a heaps longer than your regular eu de toilette.

and perhaps the one that never will fail me, my Dior perfume. This is already my 2nd or 3rd bottle. As you can tell I’m also running really low on this. Most the time if I’m travelling this would be the one  scent I carry with me because I so happen to have the atomizer that was given along with their christmas edition giftpacks.

Now down to more daily perfumes

These are the few perfumes that I reach out to if I’m just going out during the day and I just need something more light and refreshing. Purchased the Bvglari one ages ago as you can tell but my lovely brother bought me something from the Versace line just in time to replace my previous one. I would say my brother def picked out something that is very decent because this would be something Id purchase if I did come across it or if i was given a sample to try.

These are the only celebrity inspired  perfume I’ve got. I really liked the one in the orange and purple bottle but I wouldn’t say I like the pink one as much because to me it smells rather like bubblegum =.=. It was however much cheaper in a package and if you were to layer all 3 perfumes it did smell pretty good together so yeah

And for the less used ones, mostly given to me when I purchased the set of the shampoos from the same line or I just fell for the packaging and decided to kinda have it as a decoration instead.

and these lil cute perfume samples that I got. I am a huge huge HUGE fan of perfume samples, particularly the ones in the travel size bottles. They are cute, they are mini size and they look like perfume bottles’ babies. I usually keep them just for collection sake and most the time it comes rather handy if I’m going on a longer trip.

If I’m not really in for a perfume for whatever reason or if I just needed to snuck out of the house for a little while, body mists like this comes in really handy. Was given to me as a gift by the lovely Zana and I really wouldn’t mind checking out their other scents.

OOTD to end the post. Now come to think of it, I’m nearly going into my 3rd month doing my OOTDs. I’m rather impressed with my own determination HAH

ANNND IT”S FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! most exciting day of the week because it’s the weekend after!

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