Midweek shopping

So the past few days since the week started(gosh we are only halfway through it) has been a little rougher than usual for me.
First of all I’ve been having my stupid vertigo attacks, which means it has been rather difficult to walk around without knocking things around me. So far I’ve gotten a few bruises but nothing too serious.

So to cheer myself up, I did what a girl would generally do- Shopping

Drop by a couple of stores to pick up some stuff and walked around for items that I think was shouting for my name( just kidding, I just wanted to be tempted by the new stuff they had on their aisles). Decided to give the collagen drink a new try since my skin has been rather dry recently. Thought it’d be a good idea to start them since my wedding dates are so close now.

Finally had the time to drop by M.A.C to pick up the M.A.C painterly paint pot. I’ve heard about this item being raved and used over and over by beauty gurus all around the world. Finally had a chance to swatch it and what can I say, perfect for us fair skin toned who wants a nice eyeshadow based that has a slight coverage.

Javian, the makeup artist from M.A.C was telling me how these mineral highlighters just arrived, and that I should give it a try coz they give out the most beautiful pearl sheen effect once applied on skin.

Then I drop by Crabtree and Evelyn, they were having a sale on their La Source range, Truth be told I was rather tempted but I just couldn’t convince myself that it would be better than the L’erbolario range that I’ve got. I did however manage to pick up the pomegranate candle that I’m about to burn out on. This is one of my fav candles, not only they smell absolutely amazing, they are also one of the only few candles(apart from my bath and body works ones) that is potent enough to scent my room up.

I also picked up their tea and biscuits since they were having a 3 for RM60 sales(great deal if you asked me since the normal price for these were about RM60 per cannister). I would not buy this if it was on their normal prices, fair enough they tasted delicious but seriously RM60 for one was just a crazy amount of money to be paying for just 10 sachet of tea packets and 10 pieces of biscuits. Of course now with the sale going on it comes down to RM20 per cannister which I thought was still acceptable since they are, very yummy.

I have to admit feeling weak and ill has been taking a slight toll on me. Not I get frustrated easily but I seem to have difficulty trying to concentrate on anything at all
Ah well at least we always have these lil things to cheer us up on bad days eh=)

OOTD to end the post, nothing to fancy this time around but I did really like this mint pencil skirt I purchased on my last trip to Bangkok

If you’ve followed me on instagram or you read my last behind the scene pre wedding post (click here) you’d know that Nate was really amazingly sweet enough to buy me my fav flowers. They are about to die soon and it’s really sad coz they look super fab when they are alive(well duh) but it’s just really sad to see them wither.

Why so short lifespan pretty hydrangeas?

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