Double C.

Sniff sniff, I just realised all my google reader followers has all gone missing because I’ve changed my domain and couldn’t get them back on this one. So if you could be ever so kind enough to follow me again that would be ah-mazing! If not, let me introduce you to my all time addiction
Bloglovin(if you can’t be bothered googling the link please refer to my contact me bar on the right of my blog and you should see the link there).
Pretty much works quite similar to google reader but you get a HUGE selection of the blogs you want to follow around the world. I spend nearly a good few hours there each time I blog read( or when I’m bored) and I drop by for inspiration and ideas if I ever did need some lil help with blogging.

Anyways, this has got to be the latest last weekend update I’ve had, considering we are one day to T.G.I.F =.= but better late than never right?
Last weekend was hectic, on Friday we had my fav chat application launch- Chat On. If you haven’t heard already, ChatOn is(to me) one of the most fun and expression chat application there is to offer right now. Not only it’s free, it is also friendly across different OS. If you would like to read more about it, I’ve previously have blogged about them *here* and *here*
It has also been the only application I’ve been talking to Nate with since the emoticons are cute and expressive.
Oh since I’m on this topic I might as well do my OOTD for the Chaton event. Check out my all in orange outfit! I’ve got the orange necklace going on with my orange one piece and a orange skirt and the orange belt with my orange heels.

The event was so much fun I have to say, the most creative person who came in orange would win a smart phone so I went all out. I was telling Ashley that I’ve never been more orange in my life and I really thought I’d had a chance…that is until I saw the rest of the bloggers rocking up in orange.

I mean what are my odds now =.= we have a orange Chun Li, a orange witch and Aris who came all out dressing in orange, with a carrot(yes a carrot) as a necktie.

Look at this group picture! I bet there is nothing at that time of moment that is more orange than all of us combine. Everyone came dressing up and this has got to be the best part in any event ever because you get so much so much fun out of it. Even if you didn’t know the person next to you it would have been ok because at least we had one thing in common-orange HAHA.
I have to say that I was a little confused when the MC Liang announced that we had to find our partner(same sticker) and head on stage, I found Yin Yin, but it was too late, by the time we even got near the stage they were about to announce the winner HAH but all good, at least Yeeing and Ashley won a brand new phone!
Shoutout to these 2 lovelies who helped me out with the registration and kept me accompanied!

So that’s to the crazy Friday,
and on Saturday, during the day we’ve had our pre wedding photos(if you’ve not read my behind the scene post click *here* but later that night we, all thanks to Zana from Elegantology, got to relax our night away at Chivarly Style. They had acrobats, models in briefs, I guess that is good enough to say that we’ve had a pretty cray night.

That good lychee martini you see me holding? Thanks to the free flow I’ve had at least a good few glasses, by the time the free flow ended I didn’t even realised because I’ve already had a bit too many by then!
All in all a good night

Personally I feel like it’s the best way to end the week, crazy enough people with crazy stories to tell our children when we grow a little too old for our own good.
Ready for the weekends yet?

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