So Thursday updates,
Let’s see. Today I’ve attended this really interesting press conference. It’s pretty much the very famous Korean MV director Jang Jae- Hyuk (who directed the very famous music video for SNSD and Rain) who is doing a local production. I’ll give you more information once I have the video up. To be honest, I”m really quite excited to watch it, it looks really good and I wouldn’t have guessed it being done in Malaysia.

I also gave in to temptations and bought a few more lipsticks over the past few days. Since all my recent hauls has been Revlon lipsticks, thought I’d share my lil collection of Revlon lipsticks.
Formulation wise, I personally love their matte and normal range lipsticks. Love how they glide on so easily and for the price you pay it’s so worth it. So this blogpost I’d share with you the ones I’ve got from their normal and matte ranges. I’ve previously have already got 2 of these lipsticks, which actually convinced me that Revlons lipsticks are pretty good(I had quite a bad experience with their suede collection) and I thought hey why not buy another 3 right?
From left to right
Mauvy Night, Pink pout, Kiss me coral, Mauve it over, Rum raisin

So the swatches on the hands. Again, love the formulation of the lipsticks. They glide on like butter and even the matte ones glides on similarly and it’s just so ahhhhh! I just love it.

And here’s the lipstick picture individually and also a photo of me with the lipstick
Pink Pout

To be honest, when I first applied it on it didn’t really made me think much about the lipstick. Maybe I was just not used to seeing myself in such a sweet pastel pink color but the longer I had it on the nicer it looked. It’s just such a nice sweet color that will go well with nearly all types of makeup and I believe I will be wearing this color more often

Kiss Me Coral

Have I told you I love reds? This is my absolute fav lipstick amongst all the 5 lipsticks. The minute I applied it on my lips I just knew this was the lipstick I was looking for, the bright nice watermelon red that isn’t too over the top for day time use. So so SO glad I picked it up!

Mauve it over

Er to be honest, this is my least fav of the lot. Reason feels like I’ve got no lipstick on at all =.=. I just spent over RM20 for a lipstick that looks quite similar to my lip color…yeah great… Not my thing but if you are all for the nude color lipstick this is a good one.

Rum Raisin

One of my most worn daytime lipstick. This is quite natural of a color, perfect for office/day time use.

Mauvy night

Another lipstick that is on the darker side. It’s actually leaning towards the purplish tone of lipsticks and it’s quite a difficult color to get a hang of but once you do, it just will stay in your night time clutch.
Guess that’s about it, what are you fav colors of the Revlon lipsticks?

OOTD to end the post


Thank you SO SO much for the bottle(and the beautiful case that came with it!)

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