Heels Fav.

So here’s as promised, an updated fav heels blogpost
Let me make this clear tho, these heels are my recent addiction, whether its to look at or to wear. They are not necc the most comfortable but because they look so extremely pretty, I just cannot resist them(yes I have a heels addiction)
I did a video yesterday before the day ended, didn’t wanna do another normal blogpost so here you go! Tell me your thoughts on them! It’s my very first video attempt for videos like this but I did had heaps of fun. I’ll tell you recording alone/filming this alone ain’t easy but I guess getting this done in less than an hour(of course without the editing) is quite an achievement on my first attempt!

Here’s the heels in order

Got these from Dorothy Perkins. Not too bad, I initially thought it was gonna be quite uncomfortable because of the sharp pointy ends but turns out they aren’t too bad.

Haha, these I got from Sungai Wang. I love them! they look so cool, love the duo colors on the heels.

These are also from the same shop in Sungai Wang. They are located on the 6th floor if you are wondering. This is a tad smaller of a size and I hvn’t had a chance to actually stretch them out yet so I hardly wear them, but when I do I can see myself wearing them much more often because the colors oh the colors of these heels are just so pretty!

Of course everyone needs a basic black heels. These are seriously such a Christian Loubatin inspired heels..I can’t afford the originals yet but these are rather comfortable too so I’ll stick with them until I save up for the proper ones.

These are difficult to walk in, they are undeniably pretty but I think the thin heels make them ridiculously difficult to walk in. I usually am very careful when I pick these out to wear. I’ll make sure I’m walking in no where but just flat surface or I have Nate with me to grab onto while I walk. Ahh the silly things I do just to wear these pretty heels =.=

Don’t think I need to introduce these heels again. They are from one of my fav online shop- Kiss and Tell. Super comfy, super pretty and super super great bargain. They do small sizes for heels too so def give them a look if you have smaller shoe sizes. I’ve not had a pair from them that are uncomfortable so yes, very very worth buying.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with these. They are studded, glittery and high. I remember I bought the last pair from their shop(Christy Ng) and since I’ve bought a few more from them. They have these nude pairs that I wear to almost everywhere because it’s my to go heels. I’ve worn them so much to the point that they are starting to wear and I think I might just repurchase the same one again because they are just so lovely.

These, I purchased from Charles and Keith a few years back, they are super pretty, but also super uncomfortable. I wore them on my cruise trip to Bahamas and man they gave me bruises=( I’ll still wear them tho, now that I’ve lost weight the shoes aren’t as tight as they were before and the material has since soften so I’ll give them another shot soon.

Last but not least, my only flat booties. These are just so pretty I couldnt resist them(mind you I never ever check out anything without heels so these are one of the few that caught my attention) I bought them at such a good deal too. Was originally RM690 and they drop the price to RM150. So much win I tell you.

So what do you think of my video(sorry I guess no OOTD today but I did replaced it with the video!)? Hope you guys enjoyed it!
One more day till Friday!

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