Thursday Thursday!

I always have fun at Hennessy parties! It’s difficult not to though because everytime it’s different yet the same. The only reason why it’s that is because they always have their signature stuff at the party places but yet never fail to deliver surprises at every event. The last time round I partied with Hennessy was at the H.A party in Penang. It was such an awesome trip! I had so much fun, only down side was that I couldnt bring Nate along with me to party, but this time, this coming THURSDAY, we will be partying our night away because Friday, is a public holiday!

I always have so much fun at Hennessy, you can never, ever go wrong with the drinks(I mean seriously,the apple and berry mixers are the besttt!) Thinking of it kinda makes me want to drink again, Yes I know it’s still the early morning but hey you can’t blame me!
This year, this time,Hennessy V.S.O.P will be launching a 2013 circuit parties, which consist 11 parties around Malaysia, and the first will be happening this 25th July at Butter Factory KL!

Did you also know that there’s an app for Hennessy Malaysia? Download the new MY Hennessy App and get updates on parties and evetns(you don’t have to keep checking Facebook to keep yourself updated with the event because it’s real time update)!

I honestly think it’s really cool because it’s got a camera function in the applications(whaaaaaa)! and to make things more fun, they also have things you can do to accumulate points and if you are daring enough, completing challenges that are specific to the party that can be exchanged for super perks and products(H.A related items of course)!

Wanna know what’s the lineup for this coming party?

So make sure you download the app or head to to keep yourself updated!
I’m not so sure what I’d be wearing yet so ahhh!
On the brighter note, my family is back from London and I have gifts!(well these are soem of them and I”m really excited to try them out!)

Can’t wait to start using them
OOTD to end the post as usual

See you Thursday!

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