Long weekend update

So I think those who lives in Selangor will have to agree that last weekend was def one of the nicest weekends we’ve had, only reason was because it’s a long weekend, which means we get an extra day off and we ended the crazy work week on a Thursday! To make things even crazier that night, we had 2 parties to attend to in KL. First one of course being Hennessy, which I’ve previously blogged about and the other one..well I rather not name names since it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Let’s just say I walked out of the 2nd club within 10 minutes and was ready to head home and sleep as soon as I walked in it..Kinda wished we stayed on at Hennessy! Just proves to you how it never disappoints!
Anyway Hennessy consisted of good music, awesome awesome air conditioning system(some will understand why) and really good amount of free flowing drinks passing through us. I’ll let the photos do the talking

IF this was the first of the 11, I am really tempted to go for the rest of the 11(yes I know it’s all around Malaysia and it’d rather cray to actually drive around Malaysia for a party but heck, you only live life once)
Hennessy was def a good event..then move on to Friday.

Friday was, I actually don’t know what it was! The traffic at MV was insane(so much so we gave up and drove to 1u instead). Managed to drop by the Ramadhan Bazaar in TTDI(hey it’s my very first time k). Photo credits to Karmun

Can’t blame my super excited face, it was my first time there, was hungry, nuff said!

We managed to buy food enough for about 7 people for a fraction of the price! I’m really trying to convince nate so we could go more often there now!

Mind you, Nate doesn’t look too enthusiastic because it wasn’t chinese food =.= that guy seriously could eat just chinese food for the rest of his life =.=
and ended the week with some really good company and k sessions. I know you hear me say this nearly every month now but WHERE DID JULY GO! It’s one month left till my wedding reception! This Wednesday we’d be doing all the crazy chinese wedding stuff and I’ll be having to head back to Teluk Intan for it! One more month till the dinner reception, then it’s time for our honeymoon! Still haven’t quite decided we we’d wanna go yet but guess we’ll soon have to now!
I’m really trying to keep up with the OOTD ending but it’s getting more difficult now with the lack of time!I have so much more I want to share and already have the ideas for it but I just cannot find time to execute them!

Yes I’m wearing flats today! I bought these flats from Opera for such a good price and to my surprise they were so comfy when I tried them on! Went quite on a crazy flats shopping spree over the weekend =.= Bought like 5 pairs of flats over the weekend! Nate’s not too happy but since it’s not heels he’s not so noisy about it…that is until he seees what I bought online(hope the shipment doesn’t come too early now or I’ll be hearing him going off about how wearing heels isn’t healthy for me again =p)
Have a great week guys!

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