Boots Haul

Just a really quick update because I am still rushing heaps of stuff atm, gotta drive back down to my hometown tomorrow to sort out some wedding things..they seriously made no joke when they said wedding consist heaps and heaps of work!

Just thought I’d do a quick share on the stuff I got my sister to buy for me before she came back.

I made sure she picked up some Barry M nail polish this time around. I”ve heard so many good reviews about them it’s quite difficult for me not to purchase them. I’ve tried and swwatch them and I ahve to admit I’m very impressed! Fav color is the purple aubergine color in the middle! Love love love how they are so opaque with even just one coat of nail polish.
Then being the lipstick addict I am, here’s a few more from Maybelline

I have had my eyes on the Vivid color range and man, I swear they are like turtle speed when you wait for them to get to Malaysia shores. I’ve yet to use these(told myself I’d wait till myself finishing 3 lipsticks before I start on these) but just by the look of it I’m already soold!
Colors I have are Pink Punch, Fatal Red and Shocking Coral(Left to Right)

Then seeing how much I loved the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks from my last purchase, my sister decided to pick up 2 more colors for me this time round. Kiss of life in number 11 and number 101.. I’m not so sure whether I’ll be liking the rose pink color as much because it is not a color I’d usually wear but I guess I’ll hve to wait till I finish some of my other lipsticks first(yes I’m determined!)

Seeing how I don’t really purchase foundations, I decided to give them another go this time. Heard heaps of good things about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation..Tried them on and I must say they are surprisngly good. The mascara is also another one new love(I’ve been quite addicted to using them now because I don’t know, I feel like my eyelashes has been growing a little more because of the constant application, but hey it might just be me).

And my mom surprised me with a lipstick set when she was flying back. Yup, she’s one of those flight shoppers(I must say she’s got quite an addiction to it=p) but would you look at these! I really want to use them but they are just so gorgeous I feel bad ruining it(like you know the minute you apply them the lipsticks don’t look that pefect anymore)

I’m having difficulty trying to justify swatching them even but arghh! These are just waaay to gorgeous to just look at

So there you go, and my OOTD today to end the post

Hotel food tasting for the wedding reception tonight so hope that all goes well! Really am hoping they don’t screw up the food!

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