July Fav

I always feel like the month hasn’t really ended because I’ve not really done a conclusion for it. So here we go, to end the month of July, here are some of my fav items for this month
I know this wouldn’t really consider as a monthly fav since I’ve only used it once but man did I really loveeee the results! My skin was IMMEDIATELY brighter after the application and even Nate commented saying my skin looks like it’s glowing

I’ve got a few packets left(got them as a door gift from an event) so I’m just gonna finish em up and repurchase the ones in the tubs. The only downside about these ones are that you will actually require a spatula and the application is rather messy.

I’m not usually a lipgloss person, infact I hardly wear them at all.This would prolly explain why I’ve had this lipgloss for over 2 years(Don’t worry I’ve yet to open them so they are still super new when I used them) withouth touching them. I don’t know what hit me, perhaps I felt slightly guilty that my lipglosses aren’t getting as much attention as my lipsticks so I decided to finish just this one, before going back to using my lipsticks again.

I can now proudly say that I’m super in love with this lipgloss! The color pigmentation is AMAZING and i just love love love the color! It’s that natural plum color and I just cannot get enough of it! I am really hoping Malaysia will bring this brand in sometime soon because I’ve loved every single lip product from this brand so far!
The other fav is this NARS baby.

It’s really light and glittery so perfect for just daily use.
As for my hair products, theres are the few that I’ve recently been super loving

Shampoo, don’t think I can say much about it but I have to say that ever since using the Loreal range, my hair has been significantly better
and this Mythic oil, it’s mythical alright, man it’s been a while since I’ve actually like my hairoils(the last was the argan oil range ones) and this I will say is darn good. Smells pretty amazeballs too

Bag of love this month came with this silver nail polish. Swatched it, fell in love with it, went out and purchase 2 more colors from the range.

Guess that’s pretty much it for my July Fav
Today’s outfit=D

Yes, flats again. These are from Opera, am so in love with the detailing on it!

Happy Weekend guys!

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