Weekend recap and also baking recipes for red bean buns!

So weekend recap as per usual, last weekend was actually rather tiring. Considering that we’ve travelled about a few hundreds kilometer over 24 hours was phew. It was however extremely productive and fun(which I guess was always all that matters).
On Saturday morning, Ashley picked me up rather early(say about 9am?) so we could head out and meet Yeeing for breakfast. I must say for a person that slept rather late(Ash went to bed wayyy past midnight), she was right on time! This was a good thing because we actually had to head to another baking session event at 11am.
Ash being the very breakfast person suggested us going to G13, ordered the usual breakfast suspects such as eggs benedicts and beans.
So you can’t really help not taking selcas when you have the galaxy camera with you. Tsk tsk Ash, you are such an internet addict=p

If you are wondering why Yeeing aren’t in the photos yet, it’s because she arrived rather late(by the time she got to G13 we were already ready to leave LOL)
But here’s the food we ordered for her. Bingo on the food choices coz she really enjoyed it!

Personally, we loved the food, everything was cooked so well, my eggs were poached to perfection and I’m usually not a bean person but the looks of Ash food is enough to tempt me to trying them for once.
So we finished breakfast and headed to our destination, the only reason why we could be bothered to wake up so early on a Saturday morning. In conjuction to the Windchime in the Bakery youtube series, Samsung Malaysia has organized this baking session with the main cast Nabil and Koe Yeet(Adam and Sue) to teach us how to bake the red bean buns!

Now for people like me, this is a brilliant idea, not only I get to meet the cast(Koe Yeet has the sweetest smile I swear), I get to learn how to bake the red bean buns and to top it all off I could bring the buns I’ve baked back to my hometown and give it to my grandma as a bday gift(This however didn’t work out too well because I kinda finished the buns before we got back to Teluk Intan)
Finally a picture with Yeeing before we started our baking session. Yeeing fell in love with the camera so I offered her to take the pictures with my camera instead for the sesssion( Such a genius right, this way I can steal pictures off her less the work HAHAHAH)

Neways less talk more pics! Was greeted by Koe Yeet and Nabil and we were split into groups! I was in the same group with Illy, Frankie and Kifly.

The other group

Seriously, if you come near me with that flourly hand I’d make sure you wont make it out alive

Guess i was wrong to think I’d walk out without flour on my face =.=


I had so much fun during the baking session I almost forgot that I had to call Nate to pick me up to head down to Teluk Intan =.=. Laughed my Saturday morning away baking with these lovely bloggers, only downside is that I missed taking photos with Karmun =(
But hey you know what, we aren’t such bad bakers after all! Look at these pretty buns!

Love how they give a twist to the buns rather than your original red bean buns that are all so plain and boring.
And here are to those who’d like to give a shot baking at home

Guess that’s the highlight to my week(that was actually photographed). Grandma’s bday was great, just wasn’t really in the mood to taking photos coz we were just chatting away playing with my cousins baby hehe
OOTD to end the post
My outfit for Sunday, nothing too fancy but it was extremly comfortable, plus, did you see the baby that came with my outfit? Meet my very much big eyes niece, Ariel! Aint she a cutie =D

Loving this week because its a 3 day workday!!! Heaps planned and it’s gonna be a super massive week!

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