Nail polish color that’s made of papers?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying this is gonna be a healthy way of doing it, it works for me but try it at your own risk
Hate it when your nail polish don’t last? Try this!
I actually got this idea while I was trying to DIY the ciate’s colorfoil nail polish, but I’ve unfortunately bought the wrong type of foils but hey it turned out pretty well!

So here’s what you need
Nail glue and PAPER FOILS( you can get them from Daiso for RM5 each)

Apply your nails with a base color, then apply slight amount of the nail glue onto the nails. Now using any of your preferred color foil, apply it on the nails

Leave it there for about a second or 2 and the colors will transfer to your nails

Repeat the step with different color papers

Here’s what you will get as an end result

Personally I LOVE how they turned out, best thing is they really won’t chip off because well, they are coated with the nail glue.
Removing:IF you want to remove it, please soak your hands in hot water until the glue is soften then scrap it off gently, then using your normail nail polish remover to remove whatever’s left of your base color=)

I’m gonna try again with the proper nail foils and see whether I can DIY the ciate’s version and keep you guys updated if I do!
OOTD to end the post

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