My long weekend of spas, good food and good friends=D

Can’t believe the long weekend actually felt so long this time around!(Heavy post warning)
Perhaps coz me and Nate spent our days out of the house but man the holiday, though it’s only 4 days felt like a week to us!
I’ve achieved quite alot of my to-dos this time around, which also includes finishing 4 novels in one day. Talk bout extreme reading =.=
I will have to start off from Wednesday night because that’s how we started our weekend
Zana organized this mini surprise for Don, which includes the usual few to meet at the Hills. Well it was all going real good, until Don msged me and Karmun at about 10.30PM asking us what we were doing.
At that point of time, we’ve already reached the hill, and of the people Don msged, he had to msg me and KM -.-. You see I have this thing about having to lie to ppl about what I’m doing, KM is worst, so when we both got the msged, we panicked…thinking of what we should reply Don… I initially wanted to reply something like “nothing much, why” but KM said it was too suspicious so I went with “singing Karaoke with Nate..and I’m watching him sing” I thought it was okay but Don knew immediately that I was lying because I was being way too specific..and Karmun, oh Karmun, she told Don that they(she and Aris) are already on their way to Penang and was passing by a place that deemed impossible given that she posted up a picture on FB with captions”Date night” just an hour ago. So yes both of us kinda gave it away =.=
All was well though because we ended our last working day with heaps of yummy Milo Ais(Don’t let this fool you, it consisted Rum, Baileys and Kahlua) and birthday songs!

The next day was a blur, me and Nate woke up relatively late..I had to wake up slightly earlier because I had to prepare the food for Don’s party at The Verve. Nate refused to get up(typical weekend symptoms) but I figured it was okay because I could get him to bring me go shopping after HAH

Don’t mind me I had no makeup on

but yes, Happy Birthday Don! I hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday!!

Friday(which honestly felt like Saturday) was a little impromptu. Nate decided that he was gonna go visit his university so we decided to go on a super last minute trip up to Kampar
Nate:Ok, so now you will not have an excuse to say I’m not romantic/impromptu coz I’m bringing you to visit my old uni..
Yuki: =.=”’ I’ve never said it bt!
Nate: Ya I know, but just incase you get funny ideas again..

Oh the silly things he says =.=
Not much pictures because the place was scorching hot but man was I glad to have my S4 with me on the trip! I bet Nate was just wanting to do long distance driving because he hardly spoke to me throughout the trip so I had my S4 to accompany me, which of course resulted in heaps of selca photos

Then on Saturday, well let’s see, me and Nate decided to head out for breakfast at Bread and Butter

I must say the food was rather disappointing. I’ve had tiny bits of eggshells in my eggs and the service(perhaps coz it was rather busy) was a little meh

However I was still in a good mood because I’ve booked me and Nate one of the Vila Manja‘s Tantalising treat at 2.30PM. I had a voucher courtesy of Sun Silk and it was time I put it to some good use!
I’ve only ever heard reviews of the place so I had no idea where the place was located. Thank God for Nate’s good directional skill we managed to get there(heck I’d never get there right alone) but it was so worth it! I loved the design of the villa

And the interior deco of the place was just wow

We had a bit of time to spare because our masseurs were running late so we decided to take more photos!

Our massage consist of a milk bath for our feet, a nice stone massage and also a back and leg massage=)

Massage was good! I did enjoy it, though I’m not sure whether I’d be visiting anytime soon because it was still rather pricey!

Then it was dinner and I spent most my time that night just reading a few good books.
Sunday was the last day=(
Woke up early for my usual Salmon at Top Catch in OUG. Fresh fish, good price, I just cannot ask for more=D
Then we did what most normal people would do, go home and sleep again =.=
Finally woke up at about noon time and Nate and I decided to go around TTDI to hunt for some quick bites.

I have to say this has got to be one of the best mayo and aioli dippings I’ve had so far in Malaysia

Then came night time, and we decided to end our long weekend with a good idea. My brother booked dinner at Erawan, located in Kota Damansara and man I must say I’ve not seen this restaurant despite the countless time driving pass the shop(and it’s been open for 5 years)

I have to say now that the food here was really good(the fish was a lil dry but it was still good) and the portions are def alot bigger than what I expect of fine dining. This is also the first restaurant I’ve been to that requires pre-ordering our food! I would say to def give it a shot. You can find more info here at Erawan
So there you go, my long weekend in one post! Man this has perhaps gotta be one of the longest post I’ve written!
OOTD to end the post as per usual

Have a great Monday guys!

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