Killer heels?

First and foremost, I’d like to really thank the people who’s constantly leaving a comment on my blog! I try and reply all of you guys, but sometimes I wonder whether you get the reply since I don’t have that plug-in thingy where I can actually reply to each person individually and have you notified that I’ve replied your comments but I really do appreciate it, really!

Today’s blogpost is gonna be a short one, mainly coz I’m just so blown away by a parcel I’ve received today. I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed but I’ve placed an order on Nasty Gal about 2 weeks back and the parcel arrived today. It was a huge parcel, nothing but just packaging’s usual” Lets give you a huge box with small items in the box” since I’ve only received 2 heels today.
My first impression on the heels was, whoa..

Those are some serious killer heels, literally.

Now I don’t know who made the word killer heels, or what they originally meant but just by looking at these shoes I am quite sure I didn’t wanna offend the person who’s wearing it.

You might have gone, but you ordered it, how could you not know how killer looking it’d look? Well in my defence, I really thought the spiky things at the side of the heels were gonna be made out of those rubbery silicon stuff..but man it was NO WHERE near those silicon material, these were hard metal screwed onto the heels. I know because you could unscrew the spikes off the heels and I’ve accidentally poked myself with the heels while taking them out of the box
and man, they really did hurt
So yes, the killer heels words in my dictionary has officially been shattered and replaces by these..

The other heels was, to be honest it was still really wild, but comparing both the latter just kinda don’t feel that whoaaa, if you get what I mean.

I still like them tho, these heels standing right next to the previous heels look like a goodie goodie girl heels -.- but once you wear them, both are ridiculously tall heels.

Do you like them? Tell me which one you’d prefer to wear out?

OOTD to end the post,

I just realised that everything about this post is red LOL

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