No heat hair curling tutorial!

I think I’m on a roll for coral stuff this week. As I was uploading my photos I just realised the items I’ve selected these week has been all leaning towards the color Coral, hopefully it’s gonna be some lucky color.
I’m going off to Osaka for 3 days to hunt for my wedding shoes end of August, so hopefully hopefully I’ll find something there or I’ll be in a bridezilla mood for the rest of September! Wedding planning is going full on now that the invitation cards and all are printed out, now’s the headachy part which will mean that we will have to work on our seating arrangements!

I’ve got so much to share with you guys because I’ve been hauling on makeup heaps, that and I’ve also been experimenting heaps with different types of looks/style on myself which I’ve seem end up really liking them. Will share with you guys once I have the time to sit down and film it!
But man the week is flying by so fast! I”m one month down to my wedding 0.0
Anyways back to the point, I came across this video yesterday and I thought Id share it with you guys! It’s a no heat curl method and it works well on short hair! I know coz I’ve tried just last night before going to bed

All you need is some ragged cloth and just follow the video!

I”ve done just 2 small sections of my hair last night and I really liked the results!

As you can tell it’s only the front part that is curled. I did it because it was only my first time experimenting with it and I didn’t wanna end up looking like there’s been an explosion on my head.
Nothing to dramatic but hey I’m pretty happy because it takes little time and effort and it doesn’t damage the hair as much as using heat tools!

On a complete sidenote, I’m really loving the bold brows look. Whatcha reckon?
OOTD to end the post

Mega love this headgear! I have to admit it looks quite whoa by its own but if you have your hair covering it it just looks like an ordinary headgear!

Happy Wednesday guys!

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