Nate’s savior

I don’t know about you but I feel like a ladder is a household most underrated item ever =.= I mean, let’s be honest, you hardly EVER will hear anyone say “Let’s go ladder shopping” pfft as if that’s gonna be a very exciting thing to do. I hate to admit it but without a ladder, there’s heaps you can’t do, especially if you are as short as I am =.=

Let’s put last night as an example

Reading a book when the lightbulb decided to commit suicide.
Naturally Nate’s usual reaction is like this

He gets super grumpy for doing chores like this

I can’t blame him though, given he has a good point

In my defence reading a book is always a good habit=p

But lucky for Nate this ladder has a toolbox design(sigh he should have figured this out ages ago and leave me alone so I can read)

I have to admit it’s a pretty damn smart idea, you can put all the necc stuff like hammers, screwdrivers and stuff so you don’t have to keep going up and down the ladder which can be extremely dangerous

And just like that, with the help of the Winner ladder he manage to reach towards the lightbulb!

Yay! Of course for safety reasons you shouldn’t be seating on the ladder like this. Thankfully this ladder is rather heavy duty and can take quite a weight(or we’d see Nate tumbling down which I’m guessing is not so nice of a scene)

So now, for people like me, the first question I’d usually ask is…what’s the differences in ladder? Don’t they just come in different heights?
What makes a ladder a good/winner ladder?
Well first and foremost you have to make sure that when you step on the steps, the ladder will not giveway and you end up with your back on the floor.You know that feeling when you step onto a ladder and it doesn’t feel safe? Yeah, this usually happens when your bottom step of the ladder is unstable, which is common.Winner ladder,has found a way to strengthen. They have this “n” shaped configuration, which will mean more stabilty and less prone to deformation.

Of course you gotta make sure the ladder is stable before you climb on it,making sure the hinges are all straighten up before climbing and hinges are perhaps the most important thing people look out for before climbing a ladder. But unfortunately most hinges are usually place outside of the ladder, which makes it so much more prone to damages. Winner ladder, has have their hinges built inside of the ladder body which makes it much more impossible to damage when you are using it!
Ladder even comes with instructions(Don’t mind my bimbo-ness)

Ok , I know what you are thinking, ladders are usually not the best things to go shopping for =.=, I mean I agree, given a choice I’d just end up going shopping for clothes instead so wanna know how I got my ladder?
ONLINE  of course!
Love it when people do shipping for items like this(and of course at a very reasonable price of course). I really don’t see how I can drag myself out of my house to go ladder shopping =.=
Head over to Winnner Ladder‘s website and see which ladder would suit your taste and just buy away =D
Ladder I own:
I’ve never really thought how important ladders are until I had to start changing my own room’s lightbulb. I’m lucky enough to not have to do any cleaning for the house so less the need for ladders and stuff throughout my life. I’m to be honest,a little dreaded about cleaning the new unit when I move out so I’m actually really, REALLY glad to have this ladder come just in time man. What else do you use your ladder for, tips and tricks to cleaning hses with ladders perhaps(I sure could use some help!)

OOTD to end the post as usual and sidenote!
It’s Michael Ammar’s lecture tonight! SO.FREAKING.EXCITED!


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