High Tea at Thirty8

Ah I really dislike the rain! the thing about the rainy weather is that it always makes me feel like having a good high tea. Speaking of high tea, I’ve had a really nice one just a few weekends ago. Me and Nate decided to catch up with some old friends and there’s this place I’ve been itching to try, yes Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt!
Of course high tea includes well, tea and I wouldn’t have it any other way

The view there is spectacular, mainly coz you get to see the very fine KLCC towers, and honestly with the air conditioned and the hot weather, there’s no where else I’d rather be at that moment.

And the culprits of the day, I don’t know why but we both look ridiculously tired in this picture.

Now before we came, we already knew what we wanted to order. Thirty8 was famous for their signature cake. It’s done with heaps of high tech s food science with all the dry ice and stuff so it looks really good! Of course everything looks good on the menus right, that’s why they always ahve this ridiculously small caption that always says “for illustration purposes only”, which of course we hoped wasn’t the same for the cake we were about to order.

Now the only thing that has been holding me off to visiting this place was the thought of the price of the cakes. I initially thought it’d cost up to about RM80 per pax which I thought for a few cakes were really expensive but luckily(and stupidly enough for me who didn’t do my research well enough) the cake was only priced at RM25. A little steep for just a cake but if you consider the amount of work/the ambience of the place, it’s pretty good of a deal if you asked me.
The cake had a very dramatic entrance, heaps of smokey effect and a beautiful glass cover.

and once they had it open it was immediately poured a good amount of caramel onto the cake. Now usually you’d think that well the caramel must be in room temperate but this no, not this one.

Because it somehow manage to create a dent in the middle of the cake.

and as time passes it sinks through the cake and leaving you this beautiful crate in the middle of the cake filled with yummilicious caramel. Love it!

The cake is def sweet, I mean caramel is pretty darn sweet but I loved it. Though to be honest I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole cake by myself but since we are sharing, it was the exact portion!
We also couldn’t resist ordering the straight from the oven cake(which is technically a molten lava cake) and this lil baby was actually our fav dessert amongst the 2 cake.Priced at RM18 it’s def a must try if you ever do drop by the restaurant

Can you see the oozing chocolate goodness? and the raspberry sorbet was really yummy too!

Well that was def a good high tea if you asked me, so much so I’ve been craving for high tea every since but since I AM technically having tea everyday, I thought I’d do something a little different than my usual asian breakfast this time(I usually have rice/noodles for breakfast) and made myself a nice runny egg topped sandwiched with heaps and heaps of cheese for breakfast.

Now that’s a good breakfast=D

OOTD to end the post

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