Products less loved

Ok, confession time!
I know I’m a shopaholic, and amongst the products I’ve bought, some of them might not be my fav items. I usually buy products that are recommended by friends/ or if I”m sometimes lucky enough, products are given to me as a product review/gift. I generally don’t like writing blogpost like these because what I might not love might be someone elses holy grail.
But let’s get straight to the point?
Again, I’m stressing on the point that these products didn’t really work well for me,but it might work on others since everyone has a diff preference of what they like and a diff skin condition

Skinfood Wateryberry

To be all fair this is a rather good product, but it just didn’t hit the wow factor for me. I can be very honest with you that it did leave my skin feeling all smooth and nice(after it was all absorbed) but I just didn’t like the formulation of the product. It feels like you’ve mized talcum with water and I didn’t really quite appreciate the grainy bits that was in the lotion

Elianto Intensive Mask

I guess I have a better sub for this sleeping mask…This one just felt like it wasn’t doing much to my skin, sometimes I completely forgot that I’ve applied it on because it made not much difference to my skin so meh wont be repurchasing. I however do love their facial cleanser range, it’s still my fav products from this brand!

Skinfood Honey Emulsion

I generally like the products from skinfood, so just because I have 2 items from the brand doesn’t mean it’s not as good, mind you I love their peach toner, the scent is to die for, but this emulsion was a little on the oily finish on my skin. I guess it is catered for really dry skin and it was kinda self inflicted since I bought it based on how the product packaging was but this does smell really good and I really really really like the packaging of this product!

Soap and Glory Wish upon a Jar

Erm, didn’t work as well as I thought it would on my skin. It claims to give you a more younger and tighter skin in 21 days.ermmm, it didn’t work that well for me I guess coz I noticed no diff

Lancome Cleansing Fluid

Lancome cleansing fluid. I’m not sure whether it’s just me, or my makeup is really really stubborn but I feel that this cleansing fluid didn’t really do it’s job very well, perhaps this is because my application was wrong but heck if i’m about to remove my makeup I’d do it the safest,quickest and most efficient way so this is not a to reach item for me

Revlon ColorStay

I really did want to like this lipstick, but I just couldn’t. Maybe I bought the bad lipstick, I don’t know but these just couldn’t work for me. They crumb into bits upon application and was just not easy to apply on. Staying power however was fantastic but I just didn’t like the pigmentation or the application/finish of these lipsticks

OOTD to end the post
Decided to go with just a simple dress.

Loving how the mint bag/shoes give a pop of color to the outfit.

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