Thursday Cravings

Urgh, I absolutely hate it when I fall sick.
Wanna know what I dislike more?
When you are forcing yourself to sleep and all you get is random cravings of different food.
First off is a good cup of chai latte,
Granted the photo below isn’t a picture of a chai latte but I hardly find cafes in Malaysia that does it=( Nightmare, I know. So I guess a picture of this would do

Pork noodles, you cannot go wrong with a bowl of hot yummy noodles when you are sick. I guess a bowl of really good porridge would do the trick too

Beef Tataki, erm, I guess this hasn’t really got much nutritional value for a sick person but hey, satisfy my craving

A good cup of hot chocolate can never seem to fail. Love it when they have marshmallows on the side to cheer you up

and my comfort togo food- Ham and Cheese Toastie. It’s not much, b├ęchamel sauce, bread, ham and cheese, but just can’t go wrong with these 4 combi

or maybe a strawberry cheesecake hmm…

fine fine, we’d do something healthier=.=, how bout eggs benedict with beetsroot and asparagus ?

You know, times like that I wished I had a cook who could just magicially whipped up something as listed above but unfortunately, I don’t(I can continue wishing but) so I’ll stick to my hot green tea to shoo away my feverish forehead for now.

Gonna end the post without a OOTD post today coz my head is just waaay to dizzy to do anything more than this.
on the brighter side, it’s Friday tomorrow!

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